You’ve hit on one of the reasons I have attacked google, Facebook, Amazon et al for a long time. They trade of the idea that they give us a free service, but nothing is ever truly free. Google (Alphabet) and Facebook being the main culprits for what is irritating you, consider their business model. Web search is not Google’s saleable product. Social media is not Facebook’s saleable product. Both sell targeted ads, and they sell data gathered from users to help businesses buying those ads target the people their algorithms indicate are modt likely to buy. People like you and me and the data we generate are their product.
With that in mind, read their T&Cs. You’ll find you have no rights, you haven’t bought anything so there is no contract between you and them either legal or implied. They can do what they like with your account, like fill your recommended posts page with Ben Shapiro (whoever he is), Alex Jones or Pam Geller.
The only control you can exercise is through not using their service. My suggestion is to learn to ignore those recommendations, Artifical Intelligence is gobsmackingly stupid. I’l give you an example:
Recently I was reviewing a book I’d read on Amazon, intending to boost the visibility of my account for next time I drop something in the Kindle store. The book I’d read was an adventure yarn about two agents working for a covert agency, trying to stop a group of terrorists trying to steal a bioweapon from a secret research lab.
Amazon rejected my review because I’d used, and I quote, “A word that might encourage terrorism.”
The offending word was ‘terrorists.’ Now think how pointless it would be to review a book about secret agents and terrorists without using the word terrorist or any related word. It would be nonsense. But Amazon have decided to ban the word.

I’ve been around a long time and, working in IT for 30 years, seen many computer related idiocies. Though Microsoft have always denied its existence I remember (and actually used,) the early version of Word for Windows that would suggest replacing Dick van Dyke with penis van lesbian. (“Dick is sexual slang, consider replacing it with penis,” and “Dyke is a derogatory term for homosexual women, consider replacing it with lesbian.) Well Dick is a centuries ols nickname for Richard, Dick van Dyke is a 1960s & 70s Hollywood star and van Dyke is a common family name in the Netherlands, an ancient earthwork (e.g. Offa’s Dyke), or a drainage channel.
A few years ago politically correct thinkers in England got their knickers in a twist over the name of a brass band called The Black Dyke Mills Band, a group of amateur musicians whose 19th century founders all worked at the large textile mills complex in the town of Black Dyke in Yorkshire.
A court case was launched demanding that the name be changed because it was racially and sexually offensive. It was thrown out by the courts on the grounds that the 19th century founders and sponsors could not have known what social attitudes would emerge a century and a half later.
Online as in life we all have to learn to simply ignore what offends us because other people are entitled to the same rights and freedoms as ourselves.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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