Your have a rather slanted view of what constitutes ‘extreme right’ Ms. Luna. Mme Le Pen in France is not ‘extreme right’ in fact her party is to the left of the globalist and proponent of a totalitarian world government Macron on all issues except the need to control immigration. Anyone who has visited a French city recently will understand there is an urgent need to control immigration in France. Rassemblement National includes in its policies, protection of France’s socialised healthcare system (which under Macron is having funds cut while the president reduces taxes for the rich,) protect existing workers rights laws (which Macron has tried to change for the benefit of employers,) protect social benefits to low earners (which Macron wants to reduce), resist the imposition of futher EU laws and regulations by the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, abolish ‘green’ taxes which hike the price of essentials such as fuel and food that hit the poor hardest, and put French interests ahead of meddling in third world countries. Please tell us how any of that is ‘extreme right.’

In Italy, Spain and Poland the political disorder is a pushback against EU authoritarianism. These are ancient nations with proud cultural traditions, they do not like being told that unelected bureaucrats in Brussels will in future dictate what laws their national assemblies. And the Italians, forced into the single currency system by the authoritarian bullying of Brussels has suffered economically and socially as a resilt of their weak economy being tied to Germany’s economic powerhouse (as have all nations that use the Euro except for Netherlands and Finland.)

You really ought to study some basic political philosophy before you start calling the liberal democracies that are resisting the authoritarian European Union’s push to force members to surrender sovereignty and become part of a federal European superstate (an idea which has not become known as the EUSSR or The Fourth Reich for nothing.)

Here’s a starter for you. Right = Big Government, authoritarianism, official micro — management of individuals private affairs. Left or Liberal = small government, maximum individual liberty, and minimal official interference in the affairs of individuals and companies.

Let me give you an example of how the European Union is ‘extreme right.’ Since the earliest civilisations, Babylon, Sumer, Minos, Greece, and on through Rome, Byzantium and down to modern Europe and the USA it was always understood that anything is legal so long as it is not explicitly forbidden by law. This fine principle does not apply in the EU however, in EU law everything is illegal unless explicitly permitted by law. Which means in effect that if you wear pink socks with purple shoes and there is not laws stating you can wear any colour combination of socks and shoes, if you have offended some petit fonctionnaire, you could be arrested for it.

In other words most people break the law every day without knowing it. But ignorance of the law is no excuse and they can come and arrest you any time on some trumped up charge. Which was exactly the case in the third Reich.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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