You should consider changing your name from hope to Despair. Are you really so stupid as to think that on the strength of reading one comments you can jump to all those idiotic conclusions about me. In fact, in my experience of the web it is America’s illiberal, neo-fascist ‘liberals’ who try to control every aspect of other people’s lives from the bedroom to the bathroom.
As for ‘Trumpista’ wrong again, I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton or anybody else and I didn’t abstain either. If you were half as intelligent as a retarded block of concrete you might have noticed from my spellings, phrasing and the rhythms of my sentences that I am in fact British. And I’m a paganistic atheist so you babbling about The Bible is as pointless as the rest of your comment.
What I took exception to in the main article is the writer is not attacking Trump, but after presenting himself as a voice of reason he then attacks people who voted for Trump picked the best of the available options. As the only other candidate with a realistic chance of becoming president had campaigned on a promise to start World War Three the day she took office by attacking Assad’s Syria, I, having maintained the principle of being anti - war for over fifty years, argued that Obama did not get a free pass for his wars on account of being black, he was as much a warmongering gobshite as Bush and Bill Clinton before him. The Trump voters did the world a favour by keeping the Military — Industrial Complex’s stooge out of The White House.

I find it highly amusing that all the ‘liberals’ who were oh so anti - war in the Bush years became avid war lovers the moment the Obama administration started bombing unarmed third world peasants. But no doubt that is an activity you and Jerry Nelson both wholeheartedly approve of. In both your cases, as often happens with ‘liberal’ bigots like the pair of you, what you do not write tells us more about you than what you actually write.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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