You might not be able to find any evidence to back up claims that Einstein and Van Goch were African Tom because you have not been reading European or hearing news for 50 years or so. Obviously the claims are so ludicrous that they were never taken seriously by anyone other than left wing agitators. Even blacks laugh at them.

Beethoven’s dear old dad, Johann van Beethoven, was born in Mechelen, Flanders (in what is now part of Belgium,) which, at the time was ruled by the Austrian Hapsburgs. His mother was born Germany in 1746. The Moors, i.e. the people of Morocco, never invaded Flanders. They did control Spain for a while but were kicked our hundreds of years before the Spanish empire gained control of Holland which borders Flanders

The only evidence to support the idea, quite widely held among Europe’s loony left, that Beethoven was of African heritage is due solely to the fact that some contemporary descriptions of Beethoven mention him having curly hair and unusually swarthy skin. Obviously, though, this isn’t real evidence, because not everyone with curly hair and tanned skin is of African ancestry. For the “Everything’s from Afreekaaa” theorists, though, this is sufficient evidence is to prove the case.

Yes, the claim that Einstein was of African origin is only hearsay, as are similar claims for Van Goch and Shakespeare. Such claims are simply too ludicrous to commit to print. Ironically these claims are seldom made by people of colour, but usually such stupidities are uttered by University lecturers and professors.

As for your claim that the Mississippi State Education system taught that blacks once took over the state government, yes I got that but I can find no evidence of such a teaching policy being implemented by the Mississippi state government, even on the nuttiest of far left propaganda sites.

The Russian and Ottoman empires both spread across Europe and Asia. In 1500 The Ottoman Empire ruled Greece and The Balkans, easter Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and most of Ukraine (all known by different names, but then, as now, firmly in Europe, while Russia as far east as The Urals is in Europe.

As for American population in 1500 there are any number of “estimates” but as there are neither government or church records of births, deaths nor tax records for that time, such estimates can only be wild guesses.

Maybe I didn’t bother proof reading my original comment because I had better things to do, like pouring a glass of wine.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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