You are American and for the record slavery ended 150 years ago. Nobody alive today legally owned slaves in the USA. That arguments over how curent generations should atone for sins they are not guilty of is due solely to the addiction of American liberals to guilt and self flagellation.

The two points you make are both based on false premises, slavery has never EVER been based in skin colour, the Atlantic slave trade came into existence because there were sellers (African tribal warlords) middle men (Arab traders) and buyers (European merchant mariners), seems to me there's a diverse, multicultural and multicoloured distribution of culpability there. Don't you think you American liberals are being greedy in wanting to keep all the pleasure of virtue signalling for yourselves.

The episodes of slavery in the past dehumanised the slaves just as much, if not more than American slave owners. Roman patricians (the elite) could afford to buy slaves, particularly black slaves from African - not because of their skin colour but because the law of supply and demand made them cheap, simply to be able to watch them being ripped apart by wild animals.

And you don't have to go that far back. My Dad served in north Africa during World War Two and like many other soldiers involved in that campaign (including Americans probably) told stories of a brothel in Alexandria, Egypt which staged sex shows to encourage customers to drink and, I guess, get them in the mood. The highlight of the show was when some of the girls had to 'perform' with a donkey. the girls in that place, according to the stories, were European, Arab and African. The owner was Egyptian.

Then there are cases like that of a Romanian girl arrested during a police raide on a 'massage parlour' in Leeds, Yorkshire. She was set to be deported when somebody leaked her story. She had been kept as a sex slave unril the polce released her by the parlour's owner, a Pakistani 'businessman' who acquired her from a gang of Romanian human traffickers who specialised in supplying females for the sex trade and for domestic service. It was not the first time she had been arrested in a police raid, twice before she had been sent back to Romania where her alcoholic father immediatedly sold her back to the trtafficking gang.

Do you have a smartphone, tablet computer, laptop, any of the wide range of electronic gadgets available at attractive prives? Or wear clothese made in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malasia, Nigeria or Ghana. If you do it's almost certain you are benefitting from a kind of slavery known as indentured labour.

But don't rush to organise a boycottt of gods made in those places, if that happened our shops would be empty and a lot of poor people in those places would face starvation.


Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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