Yet another Medium article in which the liberal author let’s hatred of Trump cloud his judgement. Its understandable that the Democrats, bankrupt of ideas and policies except for the same hippy nonsense they have been pushing for the past twenty years, and unable to even find a decent candidate to take on the weakest opponent imaginable (Joe ‘Uncle Groper’ Biden, Bernie Sanders — both geriatrics, Elizabeth Pocohontas Warren and Oprah Winfrey? They’re having a laugh.) have to try to claim Trump’s ending the shutdown as a victory, but it is only end of round one.
One would have thought that by now Democrats and mainstream Republicans would have learned not to write off Trump, yet they keep doing it.
Even people as detached from reality as the Washington insiders of the DNC must be aware of the well known meme “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result — Albert Einstein.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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