Yazidi Women Forced To Give Up Children Fathered By Islamic State Fighters Using Rape As A Genocide Weapon

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A Kurdish Yazidi woman being sold in an ISIS slave auction (Picture: American Herald Tribune north Africa . Middle East edition )

Who are the Yazidi, and why are their women having to give up very young children? you might well ask. I have to admit is had heard of this strange sect, native to the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, northern Iran and and eastern Turkey, but I did not know until the height of the war waged by ISIS in the middle east that the sect still existed.

And I did not know that these peaceful, gentle people had been in the receiving end of a campaign of genocide carried out by ISIS in parallel with the attempted genocides of middle eastern Christians and Jews.

Women love their children whether the child is conceived in love or in violence, the mother in either case has carried that child as it grew inside her, and the man who provided the seed is only half, and there is a powerful argument that he is the lesser half, of that child’s creation. A newborn has done nothing wrong and while some scientists are still besotted with the idea that to paraphrase Zager and Evans, “Everything you think, do and say is coded in your DNA,” more rational minds now believe that nurture plays a bigger part than biology in what we become.

Before we look at why Yazidi women taken as sex slaves and repeatedly raped by ISIS fighters, are being forced to give away children conceived as a result of their treatment some background is needed. First we should remember ISIS aka ISIL were not purely trying to overthrow the dictatorship of Bashar al Assad in Syria as mainstream media reporting of events in the middle east suggests, but attempting to recreate the medieval Islamic Caliphate stretching from the Mediterranean coasts of Lebanon and Syria to Iraq and northern Iran and as part of that campaign were planning the genocide of Jews, Christians, Secular Muslims and the Yazidi.

But who are the Yazidi?

from Wikipedia

Their religion, Yazidism, is monotheistic and combines aspects of several monotheistic religions: Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Yazidis who marry non-Yazidis are automatically considered to be converted to the religion of their spouse and therefore are not permitted to call themselves Yazidis. They live primarily in the Nineveh Province of Iraq. Additional communities in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Iran and Syria have been in decline since the 1990s as a result of significant migration to Europe, especially to Germany. According to the UNCHR reports, it is disputed, even within the community, as well as among Kurds, whether Yazidis are ethnically Kurds or form a distinct ethnic group.

The Yazidis are monotheists, believing in God as creator of the world, which he has placed under the care of seven holy beings or angels, the chief of whom is Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel.


As the above paragraph describes, Yazidi beliefs (and no matter how strange they sound to most of us we should defend their right to follow those beliefs,) a child whose parents are not both Yazidis cannot become a member of the Yazidi community. This is a common practice in tribal societies throughout Africa and the middle east, and it has led to rape becoming a genocide weapon in the regime change wars sponsored by the USA and NATO alliance.

A couple of years ago I chanced on this Washington Post headline, that made me think of how the liberals who had cheered at the prospect of America supporting the Syrian rebels and other regime change projects must be completely hypocritical or completely stupid. The story was headlined:

Rape has become “significant” part of Syrian war, says humanitarian group.

That is behind a subscription wall now but you can read my take on the story , with an explanation of the archaic beliefs that make mass rape such a potent weapon in third world conflicts, and how ‘liberals’ in their ignorance and obsession with virtue signalling in their own communities are encouraging and aiding rape, and because they are so shallow they have reduced the concept of diversity to mere skin colour are supporting those who would destroy true diversity and impose conformity to western liberal standards (i.e. liberal fascism) by force on people who pose no threat to our way of life and only want to be left alone.

So How Does Rape Work As A Weapon?

(Again from an earlier article of mine,)

In recent decades we have usually seen rape being used as a weapon in genocidal wars in which a strong tribe tried to eliminate a weaker tribe. The most comprehensively reported and analysed was the attempted genocide in 1994 of the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda by the dominant Hutu. In fact it was this war that brought to the attention of westerners the nature of tribal conflicts in third world countries and the part played in them by beliefs the developed world regards as primitive, but which had currency until quite recently in the developed nations. The first thing to understand about the Rwandan genocide is that there is no African race as such. The Arabs and Moors in the north and the Negro tribes in the south might have dark skin but that is about all they have in common. The African continent is probably the most racist and racially divided place on this planet.

African nations, as a legacy of colonialism, are mash ups of ancient tribal societies and cultures. I’ll explain the significance of that of that later but first here’s some evidence that it is going on.

Rape as a weapon of war — Amnesty International

This report finds that rape and other forms of sexual violence in the Darfur province of South Sudan are being used as a weapon of war in order to humiliate, punish, control, inflict fear and displace women and their communities. These rapes and other sexual violence constitute grave violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, including war crimes and crimes against humanity. The report also examines the consequences of rape which have immediate and long-term effects on women beyond the actual physical violence. (also: Rape as a weapon in Sudan — Amnesty International)

War rape has a history as old as war itself. Rape that occurred in war zones was seen as a by-product of wartime activity, collateral damage or as spoils of war for a long time and was not considered as a violation of law or as a war strategy (human rights is a comparatively recent innovation.). The big change in policy happened with the Rwanda Tribunals, which prosecuted rape as a component of the conflict in the region and as a crime against humanity that served the goals of genocide.

A big shift in thinking about rape happened. Thinking that rape is simply the ‘by-product’ of war was changed with recognition that mass rape is actually a planned and targeted war strategy. Thus rape became recognised as a weapon for genocide, an attack on an ethnic group’s ability to renew themselves because of beliefs we, as mentioned above, may find incredible. The report acknowledged that war enemies try to achieve political objectives such as ethnic cleansing, genocide, and the occupation of enemy territory by targeting women of the opposite side or other ethnicity. ‘Rape as a weapon of war’ is still not a legal concept, but has at least taken on legal significance due to the work of the Rwanda Tribunals.

BBC News: How Did Rape Become A Weapon Of War A Report from Medicins Sans Frontiers for BBC News

Women’s bodies have become part of the terrain of conflict, according to a new report by Amnesty International. Rape and sexual abuse are not just a by-product of war but are used as a deliberate military strategy, it says.

The opportunistic rape and pillage of previous centuries has been replaced in modern conflict by rape used as an orchestrated combat tool. And while Amnesty cites ongoing conflicts in Colombia, Iraq, Sudan, Chechnya, Nepal and Afghanistan, the use of rape as a weapon of war goes back much further …

But rape as genocide, how does that work?

Genocide by rape in tribal societies is a little bit more subtle and a whole lot more cruel than gunning people down, torching or disembowelling victims.

I have written many times before that those “liberals” who are always wailing and gnashing teeth about the suffering of people in third world basket case tyrannies really do not have a clue how things work in these places. Assad is the best option to rule Syria because while he might be a tyrant presiding over a brutal and repressive regime, as we have seen over the past few years, his removal would not usher in an era of all-join-hands-and-sing-Kumbaya politics. When Gadaffi, another tyrant, was removed by the France, UK, US alliance (the FUKUS axis) in Libya it was the most advanced and prosperous nation in Africa. A year later Libya was a failed state with three different groups claiming to be the legitimate government but most of the country was being run by gangstars or tribal warlords.

One of the most frequent complaints levelled by Africans at American and European guilt tourists is those do gooders glibly assume Africans yearn to live in societies modelled on those of America or Europe’s most advanced nations. In reality we do not have a clue how the mindset of people who have always lived in rigid tribal societies sees the world but basically they despise us for our selfishness greed and lack of community values. I don’t agree with them but respect their right to their opinion.

One of the big things in the life of a tribesman or woman (and remember we are talking about a huge majority of the people in the world) is their status as a member of their tribe or caste. Many books have been written on that so I’ll just leave it there for people to research if they wish. Lose your status in the tribe and you’re nobody, there is no way back.

Sexist, racist and primitive as it may seem, one of the things that gives a woman status is her virtue. Conventions vary in different tribes but almost universally if a woman is not a virgin she’s pretty much done for, and if she is penetrated by a man who is not a member of her tribe she might as well be dead.

This stems from a totally nonsensical but very powerful belief (that as recently as fifty years ago had not been completely eradicated in the west) that something of the essence of a man remains in any woman he has sex with. Children borne by a woman who had not been exclusive to her hubby were ‘tainted’ by her other lovers’ seed. And in tribal societies if a woman has been raped by a member of another tribe her children can never be full tribe members or belong to a caste. They are outcasts (outside any caste) as is their mother whose only means of supporting herself will be either menial labour, prostitution or begging.

No man would marry her of course, who would want his children to be excluded from the tribe and condemned to have no status. And so those women who are raped in a tribal war are effectively removed from the breeding stock. Rape enough young women and the enemy tribes ability to reproduce is seriously compromised. We may think it’s nonsense but we have no right to impose our values on other societies.

I have always been a non interventionist. When I said we should not invade Iraq because the country would fragment into a tribal society, a lawless failed state, I was accused of supporting the brutal tyrant Saddam. When I said we should not bring down Gadaffi because it would destroy Libya and open the way for Islamist groups to gain control of mineral resources in Mali, Chad and Niger that are vital to western economic interests I was scoffed at and called a right wing nut job. Libya is now a failed state and the weapons used in Al Qaeda’s attempts to gain control of Mali and the Algerian hostage crisis were smuggled through Libya’s southern border. I was called inhuamane when I said we should leave Assad to crush the uprising but instead of a few hundred dissidents being killed, that’s to the west’s arming the rebels via Turkey, an estimated 20,000 have died.

Now I write to show my critics have inadvertently, though their lax attitude to fact checking, supported rape, brutality and slave trading as well as human trafficking, gun running and human rights abuses. Well done guys.

It is always folly to meddle in things we don’t understand and we do not understand foreign societies any more than they understand ours. That lack of understanding too often means we unleash injustices on people who have done nothing wrong and pose no threat to western interests, such as the one being inflicted now on the Yazidi women who have already been victims of gross injustice as the hands of ISIS.

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