Why Accepting Illegal Immigrants Is Not Going To Help Either Them Or Their Families

While I’ve been away, suffering from a case of acute COVID fatigue things have been happening in that great big world outside the confines of Medium.
One of the big stories in Britain at the moment is the stream of small, unseaworthy boats crossing the English Channel from France to land migrants illegally on British soil (other crossings, Turkey to Greece, Lebanon to Cyprus and Libya to Italy are still being used of course. The government is doing its best to stop this human traffic, although the numbers are small, while amid the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth from vitue signallers, the left are calling for the migrants to be welcomed and given work permits. But would that help them, or the families they left behind in their homelands. This article sets out to expose how the Organised Crime Networks involved in this highly lucrative trade exploit their ‘customers’ one they are in a European nation.

A dangerously overloaded liferaft flounders a few miles off the English coast after crossing from France — these migrants were rescued by UK coastguards (Picture: Daily Express )

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, by her opposition to illegal immigrants which has been condemned as cruel and inhuman by figures on the left, is actually actually defending those unfortunate people who have been conned by Organised Crime Networks (OCNs) into believing that if they undertake the dangerous crossing of the English Channel in inflatable boats, 21 miles (minimum) in a boat designed only for inshore use, of treacherous water with strong currents and rip tides, crossing the paths of huge passenger ferries and giant oil tankers and container ships that are among the constant traffic in one of the world’s busiest sea routes, they will be welcomed into Britain as “Asylum Seekers.”

The full legal definition of qualification for political asylum is quite simple and it does not include economic migrants. An asylum seeker is: “a person who, from fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, social group, or political opinion, has crossed an international frontier into a country in which he or she hopes to be granted refugee status,” (The Free Dictionary & Collins English Dictionary )

Asylum does not include refugees fleeing war or famine who hope to be able to return to their homeland when the situation improves, nor does it include those leaving impoverished countries and economic basket cases “in search of a better life,” to use a phrase loved by the hand wringers of the virtue signalling left.

The people who for years have been crossing the Mediterranean and are now crossing the even more hazardous English Channel in small, inflatable rafts are not asylum seekers, they are victims of an organised and highly profitable criminal operation run by trans — national Organised Crime Networks.

The way the OCNs Asylum / illegal immigration scam works is through uneducated people from poor nations, nations where the levels of poverty as unimaginable to we British, being recruited to leave home for ‘a better life’ in Britain. Because the would be migrants are told jobs and homes will be waiting for them and they will earn so much money they will be able to keep all their relative in comfort, families, and sometimes whole villages will take on a massive (by their standards) debt to send someone to Britain (“A wonderful country where you will be welcomed, given a job and a home and treated like a King and the government will pay you a wage for doing nothing”) Often the means of paying off this loan is through indentured labour, a form of slavery because the contract is binding on the worker but not the employer, but people are persuaded to accept this because the person sent to Britain (or any other developed nation,) will be making so much they will be able send so much money home the whole family will live on it.

Those people who do make it to Britain find themselves completely controlled by employers, usually casual labour agencies with links to the OCNs in their homeland. The passports of those who have them are taken, and they are forced to live in crowded and unhygienic conditions, working long hours for less than the legal minimum wage. Most of what they earn is taken by their bosses for food, rent and transport, and police raids have discovered the “home” they have been given is a matress on the floor of a bedroom in an ordinary house, a room they may share with up to ten other ‘asylum seekers’.

Why don’t they go to the authorities? you might well ask.

It’s simple. The criminal gangs that run the recruiting side of the scam back in the homelands have a hold over the asylum seekers families, and if anyone tries to escape from their miserable existence by legally seeking asylum, retribution will be swift and brutal and delivered on parents, siblings, cousins, sometimes ever husbands, wives and children who are beyond the protection of British justice.

So the people saying in the name of humanity we must welcome these people are not helping the pathetic individuals crossing the channel in rubber boats, they are helping the ruthless gangs whose exploitation of poorly educated people starts far away in places where we cannot help those who will be tortured, murdered or enslaved if do — gooders in the west start liberating the illegal immigrants from the criminals who control them.

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