White fragility? White flammability?

Try white indifference.

Do people of colour never consider the possibility that some of us avoid conversations about race or get annoyed by the way they go on and on and on and on ad nauseum about race.

And if you want to know what real racism is like, go to Africa and check out the hatred that exists between Hutu and Tutsi or the deadly battles in South Sudan’s Jonglei ethnic triangle, involving Dinka Bor, Lou Nuer, and the Murle. Or you could visit the Oganden region where the conflict between Ethiopia, Solnalia and Eritrea has been going on since 1991. No rush to get there, peace isn’t likely to break out any time soon.

There are currently 22 ethnic conflicts going on in Africa, too many to list individually, but the root cause of all of them is simply that the minor tribe in a region resents the dominance of the ruling tribe. African politics are often tribal, and when a nation’s two major tribes hate each other, as was the case in Zimbabwe, abuses of power and racist policies are inevitable. In Zimbabwe the Shona tribe’s party is ZANU, The Zimbabwe African National Union, while the Ndbele political party is ZAPU, the Zimbabwe African People’s Union. (Did someone ask why the Judean People’s Front were not represented — yes, African politics does often resemble a Monty Python’s Flying Circus scene, but with more bloodshed.)

When Robert Mugabe of the Shona tribe seized power in 1975 the first thing he did was order a series of massacres of Ndbele tribe members in which 30,000 members of Mugabe’s rival tribe were summarily executed. Mugabe’s oppression of the Ndbele continued until his death in 2019 and though it was hoped things would improve in Zimbabwe after the murderous old tyrant died, in fact the age old conflict between Shina and Ndbele is intensifying.

Put in perspective by such regular atrocities, most of the problems people in USA, UK and Europe get their knickers in a twist over is trivial stuff indeed. White fragility my arse.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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