When the author writes of people needing to feel normal again and thus needing to be told by a massive propaganda and marketing campaign to convince us our lives are returning to normal, I hope he means that people need to feel everything has returned to the way it was before “The Virus.”
From my p.o.v. or lives had not been normal for many years before “The Virus,” for at least two decades the world had been growing progressively crazier as the globalist elite and their hirelings in the academic, scientific and technological communities tried to destroy the the fabric that binds our communities together in order to prepare us for the long dreamed — of global government.
From the start of the crisis I have been among those who said the dangers of the COVID — 19 virus were being vastly exaggerated, possibly in order to divert a massive power grab by by deep state and supranational bureaucracies.
How do we stop this?
The first thing we must do is ensure things do not go back to how they were before “The Virus.” It’s time for a campaign of civil disobedience, we must end the lockdown by simply refusing to remain under house arrest, we must let our elected representatives know we have look at the “mathematical models” of the pandemic on which the advice to lockdown was based and seen that they are flawed, the algorithms are based on unjustifiable assumptions, the policy has failed and now the “experts” are talking, even more idiotically about keeping us in our homes for several years, and for what? To keep us safe from a virus that even now, allegedly at the height of a pandemic, is causing illness and death at far lower rates than the seasonal flu we face every year.

It’s time we defanged the creatures of the dark side, the academics, scientists, statisticians and other practitioners of the dark arts, gaslighting only works on the naive and gullible, THINK FOR YOURSELVES, QUESTION EVERYTHING, TRUST NEITHER GOVERNMENT, MAS MEDIA NOR “EXPERTS.”

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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