When I hear talk or regime change in Iran, which the Washington hawks seem to have now concluded is necessary if they want to get rid of Assad and give their Saudi friends the pipeline to the Mediterranean they promised, I think of what went wrong in Syria. And I think of how Iran, Russia and China were Syria’s only allies (and left’s face it if Russia and China are on your side how many more allies do you need.) And reason suggests that if Iran, Russia and China were Syria’s allies then Russia and China (plus I suppose, what’s left of Syria,) are Iran’s allies..
Another problem here is Israel. The Israelis are keen to lay claim to the lands that, according to some obscure ancient text, they were promised by God. This back garden extends from the east bank of The Nile to the west bank of The Euphrates.
And the crazies in Iran do not want the crazies in Israel that close to their border.

We do not truly know if Iran has its own nukes but if they haven’t then Russua and China will be happy to supply. In my view any attempt to effect regime change in Iran cannot end well.

A shooting war, even if confined to the middle east, would have disastrous consequences for global trade and economics and would trigger many humanitarian crises. But could such a war be confined. Russia, China and all their allies are not going to tolerate US economic hegemony, which is the goal of all the regime changes. This is why Russia and China have been working to build an alternative reserve currency to challenge the dollar.

While Washington is looking for a shooting war, they’re fighting a currency war which they could easily win and would not be destroyed if they don’t. At the moment it looks as if Washington has nothing with which to fight back other than missiles and bombs.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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