What a dull, worthy list. Dad’s deserve better.
For for women who like their Dad’s, and know their Dad’s like an entertaining book to read, try one of Val MacDermid’s novels featuring Carol Jordan a sexy supercop,) and Tony Hill (a nerdy criminal profilers,) These are the charcters on which which the TV series Wire In The Blood are based. These are some of the darkest murder stories written and many of Val’s killers make Hannibal Lechter look like a wuss. They are the kind of books that reach the end of their four hundred and some pages leaving the reader wishing there were another four hundred to come.
So long as Dad can stand the anglicisms, is not a liberal intellectual who only reads the kind of books he thinks a liberal intellectual should be seen reading and can cope with the fact that the author is a socialist Scottish lesbian, he’ll love them.

On the statement “Male-authored books are marketed neutrally, whereas books by women are packaged as if they’re for women only, even if only subtly so.” a quick look at MacDermid’s homepage (linked) will dispel any fears that Dad my be put off by a mooey cover illustration or the blurb.

I may be coming from a British perspective but I can’t agree with the idea that books authored by women are marketed as women only. Chicklit, RomComs are certainly aimed at a female audience, because publishers know who is far more likely to buy them, and we know that some female authors use their initials rather than a forename to avoid putting off male readers, but I think that kind of prejudice is less common now.

Another British woman writer who will keep Dad turning the pages as she take him to the dark side is Mo Hayder. Birdman is a stomach churner to start with but for someone who might prefer a non British setting, The Devil Of Nanking is a good read with the story based around real events.

And Scandinavian crime fiction (Scandi noir) has several excellent female practicioners whose books are not marketed to ‘women only.’

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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