We've seen this same drift towards authoritarianism from the left in Europe too. While leftists are happy to scream and shout about the need for diversdity of skin colour they are totally intolerant of diversity of opinion. Here on Medium yesterday I encountered an article puportedly addressing the problem of white racism all to think of our circle of friends and ask ourselves which asked us at various ages how many of our close friends had been black or minority ethnic.

If you didn't have your quota of BAME friends it proved you are racist.

Are we to have race based quotas for our friendships imposed on us. What about those of us who as children lived in areas with very few immigrants (and those there were had come from Poland, Hungary and other places taken over by commmunism.)

The main thing to remember is that most of us do not choose our friends based on race or colour, we are rather more mature than that and treat people in a polite and considerate way on first meeting, then when, sometimes, real friendship develops it is based on mutual liking and respect. We should not, and most of us will not, be guilt tripped into liking and admiring someone because of their colour.

A notorious recent example of the left's growing intolerance has been the demonizing of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling because she did not comply with the official narrative on transexuals. All J.K. said was that biological men who transition psychologically cannot be considered to be women. Her concern apparently was the protection of women's safe spaces.

Rowling is not alone, aligned with her are the now notorious TERFS, Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists who do not accept that people who can still get an erection, father children and perpetrate penetrative rape can be considered biological females on the strength of their feelings.

It is not just transexualism and race that are dividing the left, the fault lines caused by self righteousness and identity politics are too numerous to list, and the contradictions are increasingly causing conflicts.

We must tolerate Islam we are told yet seconds later we hear that homophobia cannot be tolerated and frequently we hear of people being tortured or executed for homosexuality in certain Muslim countries.

The left are in deep trouble but as I've said in my own articles and many comments, the terms left and right have little meaning now. The left's addiction to groupthink, traditionally a quality associated with the right, proves that.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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