Well Rick Fischer said it all really — well almost all.
OK you got opinions from 97 ‘doctors’ who agree you have cancer while 3 do not concur. But how about if you find that of those 97 a significant number are not oncologists but doctors of journalism, history, psychology, sociology, political science and so on. Among the ‘climate scientists’ who make up the consensus, few are actually physicists (the science involved in understanding the greenhouse effect,) and of those many are employed by green lobbying groups.
The report you refer to is not an evidence based report at all, it is an ideology based report. There are no references to the research carried out under properly controlled conditions which challenges the consensus or highlights the fundamental flaw in the physics. nor is there any acknowledgement that the ‘evidence’ the authors rely on to support their conclusions is evidence from mathematical models fed adjusted data, rather than empirical evidence from real world observations.
And evidence from Fake news of course. Take today’s climate change scare story of the day, SHOCK, HORROR, Antarctic ice is melting .
The silly scientists have not worked out that’s when it is winter in the northern hemisphere it is summer south of the equator. and in summer things warm up.
A few years ago a British research team took a new multimillion pound research ship down to Antarctica to ‘study the effects of ice melt. They sailed into the area where their mathematical models predicted the ice melt would be greatest — and go the bot stuck in ice ‘the science’ said wasn’t there.
It seems these scientists do not learn from such experiences.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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