Well I guess some of those comments in which people complain the author is a self — help guru have a point, so long as they believe telling people (free of charge) to get off their arses and help themselves qualifies as a self help program.
I’ve been sceptical of the self help industry since I worked alongside a Californian woman, just call her L, who was a self help addict. We were both project managers on a team tasked with rescuing the British wing of a global corporation. She was very intelligent and very highly skilled, had all the management buzz words and had been on courses for assertiveness, how to develop leadership skills and all the rest. But also very screwed up. The harder she tried the more hostility she generated in the client’s managers.
I have a classical education and know that if “poetica nascitur, non fit,” (poets are born not made,) the same is often true of managers. Leadership skills can be learned but those qualities than make people willing to follow us, though not totally gift of nature, are acquired in ways we do not understand. They cannot be learned by rote.
The same applies to any life skills of course. “Parenting” (I hate that word,) is something experts, many of whom have no offspring of their own, are eager to sell training in. Do cats or dogs need lessons in parenting? What about all the countless generations of humanity who lived before social sciences and self help gurus were invented. however did they manage as parents. How did the human race survive when all children were cared for by incompetents who had never received a parenting lesson in their lives?

It’s a question I should return to perhaps.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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