Well argued and well written article Lauren, but don’t you think the title might be a bit behind the wave. Like many people in UK and Europe I’ve come to the opinion that COVID — 19 is just one part of the plan to crush the rebellion.
To date we know remarkably little about this virus and what we are being told is based on theories and assumption which are often self contradicory as is the leaked Five Eyes security report which, some pundits insist, proves the viris leaked from a biological research lab, while others claim the report makes clear there is no evidence of this. So the jury is still out on its origin.

But wherever it came from, its arrival was conveniently timed, after the shocks of 2016 (Trump and Brexit), the failure to overturn the Brexit vote after a massive propaganda campaign by pro EU groups in Britain, the failure of the US / NATO backed ISIS uprising to remove Syria’s Assad regime, and the support given to Assad by his allies Russia, China and Iran, the progress of China’s economic campaign to replace the US dollar as global reserve currency and a number of other setbacks for the forces of globalism, not least the resurgence of nationalism, particularly in he EU, the plan to create a world government had gone backwards.

So now we are seeing increased censorship and filtering of content on the internet, the generation of fear and panic by stories exaggerating the threat in mainstream media, the suspension of rights and liberties, and government actions that are completely irrational unless we think in terms of destroying the security and prosperity of millions of people as a way to control them. Fear has always been a favourite weapon of tyrants who need to bring the general population to heel and coerce them into accepting the unacceptable.

The arrival of the COVID pandemic at this time is just too convenient for my nasty, suspicious mind to accept it as “just a coincidence.”

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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