WEF Davos 2020: Trump slams climate ‘prophets of doom,’ Thunberg demands mandatory self flagellation

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Eco loons protesting against sanity in Davos (Picture: Getter via DW)

Although climate change was the top issue issue on the agenda at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the so called ‘world №1 climate change denier, U.S. President Donald Trump was one of the main speakers. He and the darling of Social Justice Warriors, Swedish munchkin Greta Thunberg laid out competing visions for the future of the planet: Trump spoke of economic progress through technology which, he claimed, would also address the environmental problems leftist eco — warriors complain of. Thunberg extolled the hippy — dippy dream of abandoning civilisation and returning to to a planet friendly, hunter — gatherer lifestyle without mentioning that to fulfill her dream of a carbon — free world would mean millennials giving up their iPhones, plasma screen TVs, electric cars and other politically incorrect luxuries. But little Greta has always been big on making demands about what people should be compelled to do but somewhat lacking when it comes to offering practical solutions.

Trump dismissed the concerns of environmental activists as “pessimism,” and said the world must ignore prophets of doom, in an impressive speech made political and business leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, but his words were chosen with the US domestic audience very much in mind.

Climate change and global warming are topping the agenda at this year’s annual meeting in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, with activists at odds with businesses and governments about how to tackle the issue. We can only conclude from the importance attached to climate change that the global banking cartel have developed a way to make money out of it.

Here are a main points of Trump’s speech:

The US leader dubbed climate activists “prophets of doom” and rejected their warnings of climate related humanitarian catastrophe, saying: “Fear and doubt is not a good thought process.”

Despite the concerns expressed by the environment lobby about Carbon Dioxide emissions emissions, Trump trumpeted the success of the USA as one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas.

He announced that the US would be joining the WEF’s 1 trillion trees initiative.

When asked about his stance on climate change by reporters ahead of his speech, he said: “I’m a big believer in the environment. The environment is very important to me.”

Much of Trump’s speech was focused on praising his administration’s domestic economic successes including job creation, a resurgence of manufacturing and cutting through bureaucracy and saying that by rolling back regulations, prosperity “would come thundering back at record speed.”

“A nation’s highest duty is to its own citizens,” he said. “Only when governments put their citizens first, will they be invested in their national futures.”

Following Trump’s speech, Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, recently exposed as a front for much older though no less immature far left activists when it was revealed her father is responsible for authoring her online articles and public speeches her online activities, writing and posting items in her name.

Greta predictably criticized world leaders and business executives for failing to meet their climate obligations. She also complained that her previous demands for action to drastically reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions had been ignored. As in all her speeches and articles, her lack of economic awareness or understanding of how the global economy works are glaringly obvious. She appears to believe CO2 emissions can be reduced simply by flicking a switch and completely fails to acknowledge that to achierve the things she want done overnight would actually take decades, cost millions of industrial jobs in the developed nations and trash the economies of those nations.

Critics have also been pointing out that she addresses all her remarks to western leaders and consumers and makes no criticism of the world’s biggest poluter, China, or other rapidly growing economies such as India, Indonesia, Brazil and Nigeria. Ah well, I guess on planet Hippy — Dippy third world nations and people are above criticism. Trouble is, whenever the demands of Greta and her supporters are met by the developed world, targets are only achieved by transferring the dirty processes to economies the eco warriors will not complain about for fear of being called racist.

What makes me so sure the whole Thunberg phenomenon is a carefully managed Public Relations campaign is that nobody is asking: “Hey kid, you haven’t even reached school leaving age yet, you are certainly not old enough to vote, who the fuck elected you to speak for the people of the world?”

Addressing the audience of business leaders Thunberg said, as she has many times before “Unlike you, my generation will not give up without a fight. The facts are clear but they are still too uncomfortable for you to address.”

“Our house is still on fire. Your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour. And we are telling you to act as if you loved your children above all else,” Thunberg said, repeating comments from her WEF appearance last year.

At a panel just before Trump arrived, Thunberg emphasized that moderate changes will not be enough to slow the impact of climate change. So if she gets her way, millions will starve and billions will be plunged into poverty as the industrial economies are shut down in order to achieve zero Carbon Dioxide emissions.

A recent report from researchers in Finland concluded there is little evidence that human activity has any significant effect on climate and the current instability is due almost entirely to natural cycles.

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Parts of this article are taken verbatim from a shorter post on the same topic at my Original Boggart Blog site. Extracts from Donald Trump’s speech are from published trascriptions of the president’s speech.

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