Twitter’s Attempt To Censor Trump Will Backfire On Big Tech Tyrants

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Last week’s main story, pushing Coronavirus aside, before itself being uncerimoniously bumped off the top spot, was the attempt by far left social media site Twitter (preferred website of all the insane, illiterate and incontinent people in the world,) to censor U.S. President Donald Trump Donald Trump, classifying his somewhat rabid tweets as misinformation. His posts may be crazy, but misinformation? Whether you love or hate Trump, he any other occupant of The White House can never be dismissed as a purveyor of ‘misinformation’ simply because those tweets, blog posts, recorded comments etc. represent what one of the most powerful people in the world is thinking.

But this type of censorship is becoming par for the course on news and social media websites, as the liberal extremist (which ought to be an oxymoron but unfortunately isn’t,) billionaires of Silicon Valley try to purge any opinions they do not like from the public domain.

The president’s supporters fought back, saying Trump should crack down more deeply on the censorship and duplicitous behaviour of social media oligarchs. Trump is being advised to hit them with huge fines and offer whistleblowers up to a billion dollars to come forward and reveal everything about how these self appointed panjandrums have set up their sites to manipulate public opinion, influence elections in favour of their preferred candidates and make content that questions or challenges the narratives of the globalist movement invisible.

Western society is being railroaded into relegating democracy to the dustbin of history. We are now effectively ruled and after the abuses of freedom and human rights perpetrated in the name of safeguarding us from the massively hiped minor illness COVID — 19 copronavirus by powerful individuals within a narrow dual-justice system: one rule (censorship and suspension of free speech,) for conservative and libertarian voices and another for ‘woke’ liberal voices.

The oligarchs of Silicon Valley — Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft in particular — have deployed an army of faceless , soulless, disembodied robot moderators as proxies armed with their creators’ bias, animus, and cleverly skewed algorithms that seek out the forbidden by identifying proscribed keywords and only allow you to see the anodyne, on — message parroting of the official narrative posted by approved writers. Everything and everyone else is censored.

Welcome to the tyranny of technology, total surveillance and total control were being discussed in the corridors of power long before the first personal computers were available or the first modems were designed. The idea was born out of the century old plan to create a global, authoritarian, technocratic government. Mention the phrase “New World Order,” and you will get called a conspiracy theorist, people will even accuse you of hanging out with twelve foot tall turquoise lizard that wear tinfoil hats … or something like that. But elitists have been talking about a New World Order in which an intellectual elite hold sway over the masses since late in the 19th century, from John D Rockefeller to David Rockefeller, from Vannavar Bush to George HW Bush and many others, all saw where technology could lead for those who controlled it and they wanted to go there. Unfortunately the intellectuals were overtaken by the nerds who were not just good with technology, they were obsessed. And the old elite, mistakenly thinking tradition and breeding counted for something in this Brave New World helped the nerds become rich and powerful, sure that in the end the staus quo would prevail.

In reality this ‘woke’ utopia of scientific dogma and liberal prejudice is not a million miles removed from the medieval religious oligarchy that dominated Europe before the protestant reformation. Back then the intellectual elite were indicrinated by The Church Of Rome, now they are indoctrinated by The Cult Of Scienceology.

Silicon Valley is now too big and powerful, too global and too mysterious to most people to be regulated by the old institutions. And thanks to its partnership with Washington’s, London’s, Europe’s, Tokyo’s and the rest of the free world’s corrupt and self interested politicians, Silicon Valley is now embedded in government and can influence policy to its own advantage.

For years I, and many others like me, independent minded, freedom loving sceptics whose nature predisposes them to question everything, particularly everything to do with authority, have been warning how social media censorship and content filtering by Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube, etc. presents the greatest danger to democracy in the past hundred years, greater than the threat of communism in the wake of World War 2. It is easy for the algorithm designers to decide what or who become ‘trends’ on social media platforms and who is shadowbanned or censored and leave the servers to do the rest. The situation is now dire.

Throughout the history of civilisation, from the empires of Babylon, Egypt, Persia and Rome, through the centuries when the Roman Catholic Church ruled most of the civilized world through fear and superstition, to the Islamic Caliphate, the British Empire, the Soviet Union and the hegemony of the U.S. dollar, no political or religious entity has exercised so much power over the lives of billions of people worldwide as the Silicon Valley Internet Technology cartel does and Silicon Valley does it without oversight, without accountability, and on the evidence we have seen, without conscience. We have sen them try (and fail) to influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the UK’s referendum on continued EU membership and we know it is only a matter of time before they succeed, and candidates who serve the interests of a narrow elite rather than of the majority of voters occupy all the most influential positions of the world’s most powerful states and organisations.

Before it is too late US, UK, and EU leaders and other politicians around the world must be persuaded to understand that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp are publishers and must pressure the US government to remove Facebook’s exemption under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which affords tech platforms, not publishers, with immunity from lawsuits arising out of their decisions to host (or not to host) user-generated content.”

The EU, to its credit, has taken action against Google’s malpractice, but so labyrinthine are the laws covering manipulation of data Google’s parent company could tie up the legal process in bureaucracy and continue with (fraudulent) business as usual for decades.

Twitter’s corporate and community culture has been tainted by CEO Jack Dorsey’s extreme liberal bias. Vijaya Gadde, the head of Twitter’s policy, legal and “trust and safety department,” is guilty of blatant political partisanship and is a Democratic Party activist who regularly contributes large sums of cash to fund Democrat candidates. Gadde is just one example of the toxic management culture and group-think that Dorsey has created and supports at Twitter. The concept of “conflict of interest” apparently does not exist in Silicon Valley because Gadde’s political activism is clearly in conflict with a job which ought to be about free speech and protecting diversity of opinion.

This week, Twitter’s liberal bias targeted the president of the United States by using a liberal “fact checker” to declare Trump’s tweet about House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi’s demand that the 2020 presidential election he held using mail — in ballots only was “fake news.” US media have acted as anti-Trump political operatives rather than reporters of facts since 2016 and before that were equally biased in favour of Barack Obama.

Trump’s response rightly accused Twitter of bias and political activism against conservatives. After threatening to do so for three years, Trump this week finally signed an executive order (EO) designed to increase the government’s ability to regulate social media platforms.

The order focuses on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (sic). It may allow the government to strip the Big Tech corporations’ immunity from lawsuits arising out of their decisions to host (i.e. publish) or not to host certain user-generated content, but the details have not yet been released. How effective it may be is really down to us, Trump himself admits this government versus Big Tech confrontation will end up in the courts and eventually be taken to the Supreme Court.

This law requires major revision. Big Tech companies have been handed control the flow, of information and they are clearly determined to abuse that position and present to the public only content they deem it is to their advantage for us to have access to. If we allow elections to be manipulated by these powerful tech oligarchs, we will have complete tyranny. Our every move will be electronically surveiled, our most private details will be available to anybody willing to pay Our society will be more controlled than China.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and the other social media companies are anything but neutral public-square “platforms” that only disseminate content. When Twitter began editing its content, it ceased being a passive platform that allowed users to post whatever they wanted as long as it was within Twitter’s “community guidelines,” and became a publisher. Facebook followed the same path somewhat earlier, Google has a slightly different business model, basically you can only guarantee traffic to your site by paying Google for clicks (the adwords system.) And like the old newspaper barons of the twentieth century these amoral corporations and the people who run them will use the influence they wield to the advantage of those who serve their interests.

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