This appears to be nothing more than a tenth rate puff piece for online advertizing. Anyone who has studied the real statistics will be aware that engagement with online ads is pathetically low, and engagement of facebook is about a tenth of that elsewhere.
A recent INDEPENDENT study reported by Gold Eagle investment journal, reveals the fact that 60% of advertising “clicks” are in fact NOT coming from humans; real people are not clicking on ads, most of the clicks are from search engine bots which have no income or savings, hold no credit cards and never buy anything.
Now bots, as they roam the web click on every link, looking for new content, so as bots have no free will to choose whether to click on a link we can assume the proportion of false hits on political propaganda sites is even higher because we can safely assume most humans, even those who use facebook as a source of information, will instinctively avoid it unless the content promises to affirm their prejudices.
So only Hillary supporters (and not all of them) would click on a story with the headline, Trump Gropes 90 year old Woman’s Pussy,” while only Trump supporters would look at a Hillary Is Dead, Corpse Being Animated By Google Experimental Software” story.
And not a single vote moves one way or the other.
Instead of school fostering credulity, classical philosophy ought to be taught, and the fist lesson should be the advice of Marcus Tullius Cicero, that we should always ask, “Cui Bono,” who benefits.
And who do you think hopes to benefit from promoting internet pages as an effective advertizing medium? Someone who runs a mobile marketing business maybe?

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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