The quality of articles I found in my feed kept me hovering for a long time over whether I wanted to commit to a paid up membership Gregory, so I’m with you here. I’m sure you feel as I often have, that there are only so many articles on the wonderfully wonderful wonder of transgenderism a sane person can take.
Being a retired Information & Communications Technology pro I’m always willing to put much of the blame for the stupid choices I’m, offered on Artificial Intelligence and the algorithms that select what we see. And laying that aside I also observe a liberal — left bias in Medium.
I’ve been around the internet a long time (I was there before the WWW existed,) and have seen many sites that offered a platform to writers of all political, social and religious shades start off promisingly, but on becoming successful be hijacked by left leaning (at an angle of 180 degrees,) moderators, editors and group hosts. Invariably these people implement a policy of marginalising any content that does not align with their world view, and inevitably, having alienated around half its potential customers, the site fails.
A few days ago I received a welcome mail from Ev Williams after finally subscribing because WTF, what else will $5 buy you these days. It reminded me that some time ago I started an open letter to Mr. Williams to let him and the world know exactly why I was struggling with the decision to sign up. I’d hate to see Medium fail in the way that other sites have, through lack of diversity in the content and through people whose political and social outlook is conservative, libertarian, or genuinely liberal (most of those who “identify” as liberal here at Medium could not possibly be more illiberal given their bigotry, lack of tolerance and unwillingness to allow people with to differing points of view a platform,) being driven out by the group think.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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