The poll only tells me 83% of Americans don’t understand net neutrality. The Obama administration did not understand it, nor did the Bush lot and now the Trump tossers. Last week I had some plank on Medium telling me the term was coined by a lawyer in 2006. Funny but those of us who worked at high levels in IT were having heated discussions about it in the 1990s. With corporate interests pushing to sell Pay TV services, movies, streaming services and such, the discussion was about not should all content be treated equally but could all content be treated equally. Obviously streaming live video or audio content requires a different technology than browsing Medium and reading a few articles. The other issue was filtering content for commercial or political reasons (which Google has always done.)

So while I believe the Bush gang were wrong to allow streaming services on the net in the first place, Obama’s regulations tilted the balance further in favour of corporate pirates and now Trump’s repeal does nothing to protect the individual user from the abuse of the technology. If people can afford to pay for a service that allows HD streaming, they should be able to have a system that provides Permanent Virtual Circuits and get a constant data delivery rate. But that should not impact on internet performance for services such as taxt and still images for which a switched virtual circuit works very well because it does not matter if your download pauses for a few seconds.
Putting the whole lot on the same technology works very well for media corporations and for government agencies like the CIA and NSA that see an opportunity to have backdoors into our TVs as they now have into our computers and smartphones.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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