The levels of censorship we were seeing online before he COVID — 19 were bad enough but what had been happening in the past few weeks has been appalling. As it happens I quite like David Icke’s pages (which I must be quite clear for the benefit of those who think only a complete lunatic would go against the narrative, is not the same as saying I agree with everything or anything he says,) just as I like Cailtlyn’s articles and those of anyone who writes or speaks well and is not afraid to set on record their real thoughts, without weasel words or equivocation. Yes, I have read people from both extremes of the political spectrum and respected their argument without necessarily agreeing with much of it.
It is well known, and therefore not worth commenting on at length again that the most powerful technology and social media corporations have an unhealthily close relationship with governments, under the Obama Administration Google executives were invited to attend policy meeetings at The White House and although things may have improved on that score in the Trump era we know Google and other Alphabet Corp. companies are still deeply involved with major government agencies. Facebook boast about their censorship activities on behalf of governments, but one cannot help but be amazed at the number of people encountered online who think this is not only aceptable but good and right.
We must defend our right to express ideas freely and openly, there are prople and organisations holding influential positions in the power structure that would feel their interests well served if our nations were to become slave states under a global, authoritarian government.
Think I’m just a nutty conspiracy theorist like David Icke? Look at how quick our “liberal and democratic” governments were to praise the government of China when that tyrannical and brutally oppressive regime claimed to have controlled their Coronavirus outbreak. Though the Chinese government’s blatant lies were totally transparent, mainstream media and the establishment were quick to seize on the COVID — 19 outbreak as justfication for undemocratically and in many cases unconstitutionally granting themselves similar powers, including the suppression of news and debate.

As Steig Larsson wrote in The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, free speech is the most important right we have, if we lose it we have lost everything.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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