The kind of self — righteousness I find in this article is typical of authoritarian thinkers who style themselves ‘liberal’ or ‘left wing’ because the think it sounds cuddlier.
In fact this kind of moralising is far more typical of ‘far right’ politics that MAGA hats or an aversion to the risible excesses of politically correct virtue signalling. And the statement “ Joseph Watson has even attempted to make the laughable claim that the left “despises the working class,” shows just how ill — informed the author is. In fact that one word, ‘deplorables’ illustrates perfectly the point Mr. Watson is making.
Over here in Britain we’ve had much the same condescending attitude from people who voted to remain in the EU, and thus feel qualified to call those of us who voted leave “stupid, ignorant, small — minded, xenophopic, poorly educated, working class bigots.” Yet it was they who did not understand what they voted for vis. Merkel and Macron’s Aachen treaty signed this week to push Germany and France towards further political integration.
The EU and its goal of turning EU member states into a single, federal superstate, would only serve the interests of big business and the super — rich while costing the developed nations jobs and lowering living standards, so why would the working class have any interest in voting for that?

In fact in Britain, immigration was not the main concern of people who voted leave, that was surrender of national sovereignty, which it seems is the issue too complex for Remainers to understand. It’s simple, out of the EU ourpoliticians are to some extent accountable, they can be pressured into acting in the interests of Britain, in the EU, EU law supersedes national law and we’re back with globalisation only serves the interests of big business and the very rich. But of course it’s ignorant, small minded, xenophobic and deplorable of me to say all that.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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