The headline reads: "Judges striking down and dismissing Trump’s election lawsuits keep asking: Why’d you wait so long?"

In any civilised country it is a principle of law that a person or persons cannot be charged with a crime until a crime has been committed. And election fraud is a serious crime.

When state legislatures pass laws that may violate the constitution, or or office holders overreach their powers, not being American I don't know whose task it is to correct that, the Supreme Court maybe, but the problem with the recent election seems to be that judges are unwilling to look at the evidence of fraud (there's plenty) and are citing technicalities as grounds for not hearing cases.

With regard to the references about Dominion software being involved in a crooked election in Venezuela as evidence that the Trump campaign waited too long to file cases, cone on guys - wake up!

WTF can the US Justice system do about crimes in Venezuela?

And as a final bid to put thinks in perspective, my car is capable of 140 mph. The legal limit on fast roads in UK is 70. Should I get speeding tickets every time I go out because I have the means and equipment to commit an offence even though I have not been caught breaking the speed limit?

As things are the legitimacy of the Biden presidency will always be challenged. If the courts looked at the evidence and found there was no significant fraud, well OK some people would still not believe it, but enough would be placated to prevent election fraud dominating the next four tears as Russian collusion and impeachment dominated the past four. So the only reason courts are hiding behind technicalities must be that they're afraid of what a full hearing might reveal (about both sides of American politics.)

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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