The fact that a bunch of sexually repllant nerds at Harvard University said ‘data scientist is the sexiest job of the century’ ’ should tell anyone with a spark of life, a gain of imagination or a smidgin of creativity in them that data scientist is a career to avoid if you want to get laid or have any fun.

What do data scientists do? No matter how the nerds who tell you data science is sexy try to spin it, they:

gather and record, collate and present data, the age old skill of clerks;

analyse data and produce statistics, the age old skill of accountants

study the statistics and make predictions, the traditional skill of actuaries.

These are probably the unsexiest and most boring jobs known to humanity.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know all about artificial intelligence, big data and how people who can create psychological profiles of us so advertisers can know how we think and predict what we are going to do to accurately target us based with advertising based on our interests are going to be masters of the universe. Those things were once said about people who cast the runes, read the entrails and gazed at the stars.

Anyone who thinks the trail of dross we leave as we wander around the internet can be moulded into meaningful information is deluded. If I buy my grandkids a sit on kayak from a website, how stupid does artificial intelligence have to be to bombard me for the next week or more with ads for sit on kayaks. They’re not something one buys regularly.

I’m savvy enough to leave very little meaningful information around (for example, anything that could resonably be described as intelligent would have picked up from pervious comments my scepticism about artificial intelligence and ‘data science’ and would not have served this paen to nerdism in my Medium feed. I worked in information technology for thirty years and so have a head start but more and more people are learning how to fool the machines or simply confuse them.

And lawmakers are getting a lot more fussy about privacy, which could impact greatly on the science of stealing private information.

Throughout my years in the business I saw many buzzwords come and go, all were heralded with the phrase, “This is the future,” and all disappeared soon after the hype died down.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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