The author is yet another authoritarian liberal whose case can be condensed down to, “I am a liberal because the liberal worldview is correct. This proves all others are incorrect and must be suppressed or discredited.
I’ve read some of Jordan Peterson’s stuff, he has nothing original or even interesting to say, his supporters may think he’s a classical liberal, in reality he’s a classical windbag. That’s something he and the author have in common because what is notable here is there are a lot of vague criticisms of Peterson that are ad hominem, i.e. what he said is wrong because jordan Peterson said it, but none of the authors assertions actually challence anything Peterson has said.

I found this passage questioning Peterson’s support for traditional values very amusing: “it characterizes social domination and traditional hierarchies as natural law, not historical creations or social conditions.”

That would be because social domination and traditional hierarchies ARE natural law, watch a few nature documentaries, the BBC and National Geographic have some good ones. Observe the strictly hierarchic structure of animal communities, chimps, other apes and monkeys of course, but also wolves, elephants, deer, horses and many others.

It is virtue signalling (which really does have its roots in religion,) and tolerance of aberrant behaviour that are human social constructs. The animals that constantly challenge the group norm are driven out of the herd. Its an evolutionary thing, weaken the herd and the chances of individuals surviving to reproduce and perpetuate the species is diminished. It should never be forgotten, especially when constructing snowflake arguments, that nature is not just politically incorrect but absolutely brutal.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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