The article may be poorly researched or it may have been written with the intention of advancing a political agenda, but it is full of factual errors and misrepresentations. Take this statement as an example:
“ Wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles are getting cheaper and more abundant by the day, which is hurting demand for coal, oil and natural gas.”
I have not looked at the figures for gas, but it is beyond doubt that the demand for coal is increasing. Greenies like to cite the fact that China is installing more wind turbines than any other nation, spinning the story to suggest this proves China is in the process of abandoning fossil fuels. In fact China is still building coal fired power plants at an accelerating rate as this report from Greenpeace reveals. India too, another rapidly industrialising nation is building new coal plants at an alarming rate.

The reason anti — civilisation activists in the USA, Britain and Europe can make outrageous but partly true claims about success in reducing carbon emissions is because the democratic nations have exported so much manufacturing industry to low labour cost economies, the governments of which simply do not care about the environmental concerns of western liberals.
The analogy comparing Blockbuster / Netflix to traditional energy / sustainibles simply does not work on many levels, for the simple reason that while neither Blockbuster nor Netflix could have existed without electricity they both rely on gadgets which rely on scarce and expensive materials that wind turbines, solar cells, electric vehicles, smartphones and most other high tech gadgets rely on. And in their fervour to save the planet they have supported the export of all the dirty, energy intensive and highly toxic processes in the mining and refining of these materials to developing countries, with the result that control of the bulk of known sources of lithium, cobalt, neodymium and other materials vital to their Brave New World (or technological dystopia if you are a realist) lies with nations like China and Russia, not exactly friendly to western globalists’ dream of creating a neo — liberal global empire. I covered this in detail in a recent article on Medium

So while liberals and green new deal activists wax lyrical about sustainibles and the Paris Accord (which was an agreement in effect that a few successful nations would trash their economies in order to transfer prosperity to third world nations,) our societies — not the super rich who have of course moved their money offshore and can relocate to their homes in tax havens, but mostly the hard pressed middle classes struggling to pay the mortgage and hold on to their jobs, and the eternal victims of left — wing good intentions, the poor, will find their situation gets worse.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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