That’s a very comrehensive analysis of the situation as it stands Kerry.

It is generally agreed among those of us who might be styled ‘the awkward squad,’ in Europe, that is to say the people who are not aligned with one side or the other politically but are generally sceptical of everything the ruling elites do, that our leaders, the political, business and media classes are pitifully out of touch with the great mass of voters.

Policies such as mass immigration are sold with lame arguments such as our needing immigration to ‘culturally enrich societies.” It’s nonsense. Few people are ‘against immigration’ per se, but when we are constantly told society need massive injections of semi — literate third world labourers people start to question the leaders.
And that questioning, after a number of logical steps, leads to an understanding that globalisation benefits the rich in many ways, some of which are only reluctantly acknowledged.

One that is not talked about, while its sibling ‘free movement of people across borders’ has become a sacred cow for the left, is that open borders means free movement of money. Oh yes, while AOC screams for 30 million or so undocumented ‘asylum seekers’ to be admitted she hasn’t worked out that the easier it becomes for them to enter her country, the easier it becomes for the $$$billions made by Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook etc. to leave by the same route and land, perfectly legally in a Cayman Islands or Panama or Swiss bank account, (Look up the tax avoidance technique known as the ‘Double Irish Dutch sandwich,’ I’m fed up of typing descriptions of how it works.

And so, once the suspicions of us sceptics are shown to be not conspiracy theories but true, the door is open for extremism. The new Eurosceptic parties in Europe that have liberals and lefties getting their knickers in a twist are not really extremist, nationalism and Naziism are very different, but the more the left try to suppress groups that working class people see as representing their views, the more they will be driven towards the truly dangerous factions that are beginning to coalesce on the fringes of political activism.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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