Thanks for this well informed and, it has to be said, brave post. On Medium I expect to see only predictions of doom and disater if we don’t eliminate all CO2 from the atmosphere by tomorrow lunchtime. OK, I’m exaggerating but no matter how many times the Warmageddonists try to claim “the science” is settled, it isn’t.Yest the climate is changing, it does so all the time, yes CO2 is a greenhouse gas but it is nowhere near as potent at water vapour, the greatest concentrations of which are found in the upper atmosphere, and no, solar energy cannot distinguish between bad CO2 (from human activity,) and good CO2, (from vegetation) though I’ve encountered warmageddonist who claim it can.
It is essential that we learn very quickly to take better care of our environment, as one commenter mentioned below our world is being swamped by a flood of discarded plastic, we are told that electric vehicles are the future but the pollution created by the battery manufacturing processes is probably as great, and far more toxic than CO2, and while we are told to leave our cars at home while corporate businessmen fly around the world in corporate jets and food companies fly fresh food from India and Africa to fill our tables in Europe and North America, all of which make me suspect that the climate change scare has been a massive distraction to suppress discussion of the complete and utter mess the ruling elites have made of our nations and the global economy. It’s about politics and money, not the health of our world.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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