Thanks for this Gregory, in recent weeks I have been embarrassed by some of the snivelling apologies for being white posted here on Medium and insulted by some of the posts from black "activists" sugesting that the act of one brutal and unworthy cop in Minneapolis proves all white people are racist.

One of the things I think we've lost is the distinction between racism, the belief that certain ethnicities are inferior to others, and racialism which is simply a preference for being among those with whom we share ethnicity and culture. The latter is understandable, few people enjoy being the outsider in a group, and it is easier to be part of the group if you all share a culture, understand the humour and can talk easily about the same things.

America seems to have unique problems with race and unfortunately left wing extremists are trying to import those problems into the UK. Mainstream media repoting suggests it is working but most reasonable people will agree with me that it isn't. Too many of us have friends or work colleagues who are African, Caribbean or Asian who are well integrated and do not demand special consideration. Most resent being put into identity groups and are happiest to be accepted as British.

I hope you will find time to look at my recent posts about England international footballer Marcus Rashford, a young black man who has shamed the government by righting an injustice government policy was about to inflict on poor children.

I'm not looking for claps or comments but hope you might take it further yourself. I think its a story that a lot of Americans would benefit from reading if it is told by someone with a much better understanding of race problems in USA than I could possibly have.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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