Spanish Socialists in TURMOIL as polls suggest right-wing parties ON TRACK to win election

The decision of Spain’s political leader, the socialist Predro Sanchez to dissolve his government and call a general election appears to have backfired, putting the EU in a panic as Eurosceptic parties look set to take control of the nation that has the Eurozone’s fouth largest economy, and govern from an anti — Brussels platform and clamp down on illegal immigration from third world nations. Following the election of a nationalist coalition in Italy last year, this looks like being another blow to the the Globalist establishment.

Some Spanish socialists are so affronted by voters’ rejection of their policies, they are calling this swing to the right a return to the days of General Franco.

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Il Caudillo, General Franco (centre) with his chief of staff and a general. Picture credit Getty images

As I reported last week, right-wing parties in Spain look set to win enough seats in the national assembly to hold a parliamentary majority in April’s snap election, according to a leading opinion. Since the win for ‘Brexit’ in the UK referendum, the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Election and the rise of Lega in Italy, Rassemblement National in France and the AfD party in Germany, as well as a surge of nationalism across the EU member nations, we have all learned not to place any faith in polls.

The numbers however show that centre right and right parties PP, Ciudadanos and Vox could gain just enough seats to control the Cortes Generales, Spain’s parliament. The poll suggests the three parties will win the biggest share of the seats with around 169 to 179 being secured. Sigma Dos poll, which was published in newspaper El Mundo, concludes this will be enough to get a majority from the 350 seats. If these projections prove correct it will be the first time right wing parties will have had total control of the Spanish government since the death of dictator General Franco over forty years ago.

The prime minister Pedro Sanchez’s Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party will only gather around 110 seats, the biggest share of seats but some way of gaining power. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez urged Europeans to fight the “winds of xenophobia” undermining European solidarity on Sunday.

“Across Europe, the winds of xenophobia are blowing,” he said in Argeles-sur-Mer, a seaside town across in southern France, close to the Spanish border, where he was paying tribute to refugees who fled the fascist regime of Francisco Franco which grabbed control of Spain after a brutal civil war in the 1930s. “There is no place for indifference. Don’t look the other way. “We cannot think that anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia and nationalism are insignificant winds that will slowly die down,” he told his audience, in an attempt to rally support for the EU’s drive towards a federal European superstate.

He also pointed to the attack on a Jewish cemetery in eastern France last week, where some 90 graves were spray-painted with swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans and to the ongoing tensions over migrants arriving to Europe by sea from Africa, denouncing the “ports which refuse to let ships full of sick and hungry people dock. This is the idea of Europe. The idea on which has been built the best period humanity has known,” he added.

Ironically one of the policies Mr. Sanchez and his minority government have managed to implement is to open the borders to a flood of Islamic immigrants from Africa which, as it is well known the rise in anti — Semitic attacks across Europe is mostly due to Islamic fundamentalist groups who simply refuse to live alongside Jews, which makes his words on anti — Semitism seem empty and hypocritical. Argeles-sur-Mer was where some 100,000 Spanish refugees were initially held at a sordid open-air camp that became known as a “hell on sand”.

A spokesperson for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party told CNN the right-wing group’s team up has created difficulties for the party. The spokesperson added: “It’s an agreement between right-wing forces and the extreme right, which is being sanitised.”

The conservative People’s Party, the latest poll shows, will get 71–75 seats, while the centre-right Ciudadanos will take 54–58.

The far-right party Vox will win 44–46 seats, according to the poll and are the surprise party in this Spanish election cycle. Five years ago Spain’s break-out party, Podemos became the rising star of Europe’s confused and ineffectual far left. But with a snap election just weeks away the left of centre, but anti Brussels party looks to be among the also — rans before a vote has been cast, and appears to be facing a crash as spectacular as its rise. Has the left wing populist / nationalist appeal of ponytailed rebel Pablo Iglesias and his gang of talented young thinkers proved a failure?

Podemos once topped the polls in the era of fragmentation in Spanish politics that has seen three successive elections produce inconclusive outcomes, it almost snatched leadership of Spain’s left from prime minister Pedro Sánchez’s Socialist party at the 2016 elections, but it is now only the voters’ fourth favourite party.

The far-right populist party Vox is also neck and neck in polling. In April, it is predicted, Vox will target the same working-class city neighbourhoods as Podemos — claiming that immigrants and Catalan separatists, not austerity, are the problem. Mainstream parties will undoubtedly argue that this is merely one version of populism replacing another. That misses the point.

Although major social changes have occurred since Podemos became the principal party of the working class theafter the 2014 European elections, the damage is largely self-inflicted. In the latest of a series of pointless, but typically left wing internal bust-ups, Iglesias’s former No 2, Iñigo Errejón, is leading an alternative coalition into elections for the powerful Madrid regional government in May.

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