Sorry but you are way off target here Caitlin, any attempted interference in the UK electoral process by billionaires of left or right is doomed to fail because we are rather more politically sophisticated. Despite what the BBC and the filtered news on social media might have told you, Labour were always going to get hammered in this election. The party is perceived as having abandoned the working class and become the party of academics, media luvvies and millionaire lawyers, the virtue signaling classes. Their biggest mistake was to think the working classes were too stupid to have noticed this, or to understand that when ‘experts’ were dragged out to criticize working class diets, working class leisure habits, working class alcohol consumptions, the working classes were not only being patronised, they were being lumped together as a homogenous mob (the lumpoen proletariat?)
Nothing cook be further from the truth, within that vast group of people there is far more diversity of lifestyle and ideas than among the metropolitan elites.

Labour lost the election by their own efforts. Jeremy Corbyn is a self declared communist and an unconscionable dickhead who HAS in the past supported the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organisations, while his “enforcer” John McDonnell confesses his admiration for “Uncle Joe” Stalin, whose death tally make Hitler look like a rank amateur in the murderedous tyrant stakes.

This election was lost for Labour when they elected Corbyn, instead of the Social Democrat Andy Burnham, as their leader. They would have been crushed in 2017 because of the party’s inability to take a clear position on Brexit and Corbyn’s lack of credibility, had Theresa May not been such an inept leader and so widely despised by traditional Conservative voters because of her promising to deliver Brexit then trying every trick in the book to make sure it didn’t happen.

I have never voted either Conservative or Labour in my life and was tentatively planning to run in my hometown as a Monster Raving Loony candidate (yes they are a political party) who are the most honest political party in Britain as their slogan is Vote For Insanity. which could be used by all parties except the others will not admit it.

Unfortunately recent events derailed that plan.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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