Sorry, but very little of this article rings true. When the authors says matchmaker I think she means dating agency (and we’ve all read horror stories about those,) because a traditional Indian matchmaker plays an important role in Hindu society and would take care to arrange a meeting with someone of similar caste and background. A request for an ‘exotic woman’ would be meaningless, most high caste Indian women could be described as exotic, although I would take the description to indicate a burlesque dancer, snake dancer or something similar.
I’ve been described as an ‘exotic’ man (and it wasn’t meant as a compliment). I had one grandparent from India. The use of the word should have been a warning.
Then there is the description of the restaurant where Mr. Baldieman was a ‘member.’ It reminded me of a very bad movie I watched once, set in a club for the obscenely rich, where ‘members’ ate the meat of exotic species and bid for the attentions of beautiful women (calm down, it wasn’t a porn flic and the hotel’s TV system only had the one English language channel apart from rolling news.) The implication was that the women were not viewed as being any different from the animals on the menu. I don’t know what happened, it was so dire rolling news offered more entertainment.
As fiction this would work well, perhaps with the woman finding herself after the dinner date now scantily clad and in a cage, waiting her turn as an auctioneer sells of other blind dates who failed to deliver to their purchaser’s expectations.
Using intelligence and guile she escapes the cage but is lost in a labyrinth of vaults and tunnels under the bizarre club. Pursued by hunters with dogs she blindly runs for her life and eventually, with the sound of the dogs slobbering breath in her ears she is rescued by a simple but honourable Stanley Kowolsky type character who hides her in a skip under the dirty linen he is collecting for the laundry spraying the linen with disinfectant to mask the scent, before he whisks her away in his white van, promising to protect her from the oppressors.

Like I said I just found the article unbelieveable. It has the tone of a hit piece on “evil white males.” The concept of the matchmaker is wrong for Indian society, a Hindu matchmaker does not provide exotic dates for randy businessmen but works with families to find suitable spouses, the woman would be chaperoned on the first meeting and the man would be vetted to ensure he knew how to behave.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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