Soros network in Brussels planning ‘Europe of mixed population’:- Orban

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Hungarian soldiers building the border fence, 2016 (source: Sputnik)

According to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, The Open Society Foundation network, a pseudo — charity founded by American-Hungarian billionaire Marxist, George Soros has, through patronage and generous hospitality to those who might be useful in advancing the hedge fund operator’s global government agenda, amassed vast influence over European Union bureaucratic instiutions in Brussels, including the European Commission, the committee of unelected bureaucrats that controls EU political policy. It is hardly a secret that for years Soros has been working towards the destruction of Europe’s and eventually the world’s nation states and the creation of a “Europe of mixed population” by encouraging uncontrolled mass immigration, and free movement of people across borders from the third world to the prosperous states.

Speaking to Hungarian radion news station Radio Kossuth on Friday, Orban claimed that Soros’ people have infiltrated the European Parliament and other bodies of the 28-member bloc, seeking to create “a Europe of mixed population” and have Budapest “condemned and forced to change its migration policy.”

More than 200 members of European Parliament have been listed by Soros’ “empire” as “friends to the network,” Orban went on (this is true, the list has been poublished,). “There are quite a few of them in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee [LIBE], including Hungarians,” he said.

Orban, who will seek a fourth term as Hungary’s Prime Minister next year, said he has directed the country’s secret services to investigate the “Soros empire” and “to expose it to the public. He has also banned NGOs with links to Open Society Foundation fom operating in Hungary, as Vladimir Putin also has in Russia.

“By employing the national security services, the Soros network that strives to influence European life should be exposed,” Orban said. “Who are these Hungarians who are participating in this process from here, within Hungary?” he asked.’

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