Some are born stoics, some achieve stoicism and, politically speaking, some of us have stoicism forced upon u.s. In Britain at election times we have what are called safe seats, constituencies that will always go the same way regardless of the performance of the party in government and opposition. Thus someone like myself who always upportd a minority party is effectively disenfranchised, ( I guess things are the same for a Repoublican living in California or a Democrat living in Wyoming).

So as I cannot bring myself to vote for either of the two main parties I cannot influence any outcome - I did consider running for The Monster Raving Loony Party after the old Liberal Party ceased to exist some years ago, purely as a comedy candidate, but other things got in the way.

Thus stoicism is forced upon me. I can curse the politicians of both sides but as I take no part in the process now I have, by not voting, shown my indifference. Now the obly thing I have to crack is living a moral life.

Ah well, I'll simply remind myself that morality is a very personal thing.

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