So you went to an online fact checker known for its far - left bias, one which has been described as incompetent and dishonest by a rival site it consistently described as consistently spreading racist propaganda. Oh well you weren't to know that are a bunch of far left activists dedicated to discrediting any site that does not fully support their extremist agenda.

But as I'm clearly not going to change your mind about Off Guardian so here's the source for part of their story. And as it is in French, though I'm sure you can read it, I'll translate the key pragraphs below for those who don't read French.


Every day, we are mourning many deaths. There are no vaccines or antiviral treatment for this disease, even thE current scientific data is patchy and inconsistent.

Recent Chinese data suggest chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine has proved useful in the laboratory and in patients. A study published by Chen et al (Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients with Covid-19: results of a randomized clinical trial) shows the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients with Covid-19 suffering from moderately severe pneumonia; the few patients whose condition worsened did not receive treatment.

Maps published by Santé Publique France show a much lower mortality rate among hospitalized people in Marseille than in the rest of the territory.

In the light of international scientific data as well as field experience gained by doctors in direct contact with the infection and while waiting for new scientifically controlled data, the Italian and then American authorities took bold therapeutic decisions in this area.

On 17 March 2020, the Italian Medicines Agency, considering the health emergency, authorised the prescription of hydroxychloroquine by all doctors, including city doctors.

In order to avoid any risks or abuses, this medicine must be dispensed in hospital pharmacies with the obligation to ensure traceability of prescriptions and the return of medical data.


Empirical evidence there of the benefits of HCQ as a treatment, nobody has ever suggested it is a cure.

Against that we have what? The opinions of medical researcher who were being paid by the manufacturer of a rival drug.

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