So none of this disproves the material I linked to, it is just people whose interests are served by supporting the official narrative doing what they benefit from doing. And fullfact is a creation of The Conservative Party propaganda machine, i.e. the UK’s current party of government.

You trolls can keep trying to discredit my comment as long as you like. I get the first guy asking for evidence, so I avoid the claims of the whistleblower (who happens to be one of the leading authorities on biological weapons,) because its easy to cast doubt on information from whistleblowers, and I provide evidence from a peer reviewed scientific journal. But no, that’s not good enough, apparently only content from peer reviewed journals that comply with the official narrative.

The Science Media Centre by the way is a UK based organisation for journalists, so they are hardly going to be the most objective source, their job after all is to sell newspapers or advertising time on TV or Radio. But any news agency (because that is what they are,) relies on being fed infoformation by organisations, they are not an investigative journalism club, and to ensure they keep getting fed that information they do not like to rock the boat.

Now, anyone got anything interesting to say other than that well worn mantra: “YOU MUST NEVER QUESTION AUTHORITY.”

Oops I forgot to include a link to the fact check on fullfact, a bogus organisation almost as tainted as Snopes by its political associations.
the so called fact checker mentioned by somebody else in this thread is part of the propaganda machine.

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