Sausages. Pork Chops. Bacon. Ham sandwiches.
The majority of people in Britain and, I guess, in the USA eat and enjoy these. We don’t try to force anybody to eat them, it’s personal choice.

Many of us feel the method of slaughtering animals mandated by Jewish and Muslim dietary laws is cruel and inhumane. But because we are, by a large majority, tolerant people we do not demand kosher and halal butchers be closed or that supermarkets stop selling kosher and halal meat. Everybody is free to choose. Muslims and Jews are free to not eat pork just as Hindus are free to not eat beef and vegetarians are free to reject all meat. And so long as everybody accepts the right of others to make their own life choices we can all get along.

Why then do Muslim ‘community leaders’ believe they have the right to demand that our restaurants only serve halal meat and our butchers shops and supermarket only sell halal meat. Why should shops selling pork products be prevented from doing so and thus make it difficult for us Secularists, Humanists, Christians, Pagans and Shamanistic animists to exercise our right to choose to eat pork.

I have confined this critique of Islamic intolerance to meat and kept away from topics more likely to arouse strong emotions in non Muslims, honour killings (we have several in Britain every year), wife beating, forced marriages, inhuman treatment of homosexuals and more.

May I suggest that when Muslims learn to tolerate us, they will encounter less hostility, but while they continue to demand special treatment, while being intolerant of many aspects of British or American culture there will always be friction.

Learn to compromise, we might be willing to walk the extra mile but we are never going to give up our sausages or bacon sandwiches. You have presented yourself as a voice of moderate Islam, but for each one like yours there is one calling out “Death to the infidel, death to the kaffir.”

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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