Salvini Visits Poland To Discuss “Eurosceptic Alliance”

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Finding himself and other European Union (EU) leaders opposed to political integration of the bloc into a federal superstate dominated by Germany and France under constant pressure from the increasingly authoritarian EU commission as it tries to impose its globalist agenda on member states, the de fact leader of Italy’s democratic government, Matteo salvini, is not without allies. Salvini is emerging as the Eurosceptic figurehead for EU member states that have embraced a more conservative, populist or anti-immigration position or found themselves at loggerheads with the authoritarian, unelected, bureaucracy in Brussels, either through Article 7 threats against Hungary, a rule-of-law investigation into Poland’s ruling party or threats of an excessive debt proceeding against Italy. The leaders of these states finally appear to be banding together to try and push back against Brussels.

According to a report from Reuters, Matteo Salvini, nominally Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister because the EU, once again showing its contempt for democracy, refused to accept the leader of the democratically elected government, is planning to meet with the leader of Poland’s ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, on Wednesday to look at the possibility of creating a “eurosceptic alliance” to contest in the European Parliamentary elections in May, and probably replace the dominant pro — federalism alliance in the European Parliament.

The idea is part of a broader plan by eurosceptic governments that hope to “fundamentally shift the political balance of the European Union after the Europe — wide election.” Salvini’s visit to Warsaw will take place at the invitation of Polish Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski.

“(The election) will show whether the eurosceptic voices within Europe are on the rise or if the rise has been curtailed for the moment,” said Michal Baranowski, the head of the German Marshall Fund’s Warsaw office.

Salvini, the leader of Italy’s Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant League Party and one of the two men effectively running the country (along with Movement Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio), has repeatedly criticized the EU for meddling in the domestic politics of member states and warned that Italy’s is ready to leave the single currency system. The country was bullied into joining when tying its weak economy to Germany’s industrial powerhouse was always going to result in an economic catastrophe for Italy and both Salvini and Di Maio are on record as saying membership of the Euro has harmed Italy.

The May elections are important for creating a “reformist” bloc that supporters hope can change the EU from within, halting the push towards political union and returning the bloc to its originally stated purpose of being simply a free trade and economic cooperation organisation of sovereign states.

Meanwhile the deluded duo, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron set the stage for a nucleus of a European Federal Superstate by signing a “twinning” treaty to strengthen Franco-German ties, a move which has been criticised in both nations as an “erosion” of national sovereignty. It is certainly an ill advised step with Merkel, at the head of a fragile coalition, while Marcon’s elitist, globalist policies have caused civil unrest in his country as Yellow Vest protestors stage disruptive protests.

The German chancellor, architech of the immigration crisis that triggered the conflict among EU member states and the resurgence of nationalism among voters, and the aloof, globalist French president who prmised he would govern “in the manner of a Roman God” are set to formalise their already close co-operation with shared defence, foreign and economic policy, and business regulations in what is seen as an attempt to create a prototype for a more politically integrated Europe, The Times reports.

As European Union members, states have already abandoned many of their sovereign rights by ditching their national currencies for the euro, agreeing to open borders within the bloc, and submitting to European courts as their highest legal arbiter.

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