Residents Of Paris Suburb With Migrant Tent City Feel Abandoned As Crime Surges

Immigration has become one of the sacred cows of societies in thrall to the neo — liberal consensus of global politics. To criticise the ‘open borders’ policies operated by the USA & Canada and the European Union on internet sites has for several years been a high risk strategy, inviting shadow banning on social media, hate attacks from left wing trolls in comment threads and generally being cast as a racist, xenophobic, right wing extremist. Some of us however, feel we have a duty to report what is happening in the parts of cities where recent migrants, mostly unskilled, poorly educated and lacking the skills to enable them to find work.

But while supporters of the kind of left wing politics promoted by Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, Alexandria Ocasio - Cotrez in the USA and Owen Jones in Britain still insist we must, in the name of multiculturalism, welcome these migrants who make it quite clear they do not intend to integrate, a pushback against uncontrolled immigration, and the lawless behaviour that often accompanies it, is gathering strength. And, not surprisingly to those of us who have worked alongside people from well integrated migrant families, some prominent voices in the criticism of uncontrolled immigration come from people who came to Britain as children or whose parents migrated before they were born, who now find themselves being attacked by left wing activists for having integrated.

As France’s Yellow Vest movement rally support for a General Strike against the government and globalist policies of Europhile president Emmanuel Macrom, more trouble is brewing for the beleagured government at local level. Macron and previous presidents Hollande (socialist,) and Sarkozy (conservative,) have been supporters of the E U policy of opening borders to third world migrants, and the result has been an influx of undocumented, uneducated, unskilled, illiterate and culturally incompatible professional benefit claimants. And these people do nor regard themselves as French and see no reason why they should conform to French values and conventions or obey French law.

In the areas where such migrant groups have congregated, usually places with high unemployment, pre-existing social problems and a surfeit of run down municipal housing the lawless behaviour in the migrant communities is causing problems for French people too poor to join the ‘white flight’ from the cities. Despite promises from central government and the Paris Mayor’s office to increase police presence on the streets of such suburbs , residents of the heavily migrant-populated 18th Arrondissement of Paris say they feel abandoned as crime rises in the area.

Some areas in the district such as La Goutte d’Or see regular acts of violence and drug dealing while others like the Porte de La Chapelle are notorious for large migrant squatter camps and violence.

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Squatter camps line the banks of the Seine in poorer suburbs of Paris (Picture: The Local, France)

Paris newspaper Le Parisien reports that residents have expressed despair at the situation in the district. At a recent meeting one man stated he’d lived at the same address in the suburb for 42 years, but in the past few months the atmosphere had changed. The resident spoke of his recent experience of living in the area, remarking: “…for six months, we find under our [doormats] drug pills. Young people come to pick them up. I’m getting scared.”

Taxi drivers too admit they are avoiding migrant areas to avoid scaring tourists who, on seeing the numbers of migrants living on the streets and the way these people live, might be encouraged to leave the city, fearing for their own safety, and warn others thinking of visiting France to avoid the capital.

“When I really have no choice, I go through the Porte de la Chapelle, but I see that the tourists are not reassured, that they are afraid. Me too… There is a certain aggressiveness of people on the street. It’s not nice for anyone,” one taxi driver said.

Colombe Brossel, security advisor to the highly influential Mayor of the city Anne Hidalgo, has written to French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner expressing the desperation of residents who feel they are under seige.

“A young woman with a tiny baby looked me in the eye and said: ‘When I get out of the subway, there are 200 metres to go, and I am harassed. I do not want to see my child grow up in this environment’,” Brossel wrote:

“My teenage daughter is obliged to wear a vest even in summer, not to be insulted,” another resident told Brossel. French women have long enjoyed the freedom to dress how they choose but now feel it necessary to wear heavy and restrictive clothing in the warm summer months because migrants of certain religious and cultural backgrounds, (yes I’m being unusually coy, this piece is for syndication,) view all women who reveal their arms, legs or hair as prostitues and therefore sexually available. In common with Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Britain, Sweden and other E U member states that have relaxed immigration controls in line with migrant policy imposed by Brussels, France has experienced a surge in sex crime, mostly perpetrated by immigrants against European women.

Business owners in the 18th Arrondisment have also been hit by the rise in crime with some closing their doors. Karim Drif has been forced to shut down his restaurant, which was founded by his grandmother, saying: “This restaurant was my life, my story… But I’m worn out. What do I do when knives fly around customers? When they have lunch on the terrace two metres away from drug traffickers?”.

M. Drif’s name alone is enough to tell us these new migrants have no more respect for people of similar religion and ethnic origin whose families migrated to France generations ago and have fully assimilated to French society, while retaining their religion and cultural traditions.

Last year, it was revealed that even leftists have begun to complain about the area, hypocritically attempting to move their children to schools in other districts rather than “sacrifice” their child’s to the ‘inclusive’ dogma of multicultural beliefs.

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