Relax Heather, settle down in your favourite chair, put on your favourite music, pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink. Twelve years ago we had already learned that the person who said the polar sea ice would have disappeared by 2005 was wrong. Now we have also learned that the person who said show would be a folk memory by 2011 was wrong, also the person who said there would be 50 million refugees displace by rising sea levels by 2015 and the one who said the Himalayan glaciers would have melted by now.

None of it has happened. The case is that members of that rather disreputable profession we call climate scientists have been very successful in their research grant phishing.
It is a truth universally acknowledged (h/t Miss Austen) that any scientist in possession of a doomsday theory can by creating a scary enough monster can guarantee huge research grants and many years masurbatory speechifying as various conferences, seminars and and symposiums.
The ultimate irony of the climate change scaremongers hypocrisy took place at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January this year, where the great and self interested gather to plan the future of the world. Anyone can attend, provided they have $250,000 to spare for tickets to hear some boring speeches. One of the top items on the agenda was Climate Change and as the great and good-at-being-hypoctites voted for a resolution that would require all us ordinary punters to make great sacrifices, some evil climate change deniers was leaking the fact that the big finance cartel, ‘Our New Unhappy Lords’ who saw their lust for wealth and power being best served by inflating the climate chance scare, had flown to Davos in 1500 private jets to put the weight of their collective intellect behind the push to drive us back to medieval serfdom.

Now if they really cared about saving the planet they would have arrived by bus, train, bicycle or on foot. Or even in electric cars — oh but I forgot, electric cars are useless in the mountains, they just can’t handle the steep hills encountered in the Alps and other mountainous areas. That’s another scam so I’ll talk about it another day.

Enjoy your life Heather, it’s too short to waste on worrying about a scare story put out by a bunch of scientists in search of another handout of taxpayers money.

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Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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