Please enlighten us, what is a climate advocate?
In my experience an advocate is usually a legal officer who speaks for a client. So who is suing the climate and what for? Did it rain on somebody’s parade?
Whatever the case I hardly think the climate is going to cough up any cash for damages awarded.

Yes, I’m being facetious. Why? Because that’s all people who state with great certainty that the science must be believed and is no up for discussion when every day new doubt is cast on the scaremongering do not deserve to be treated any differently to the evangelists who turn up at our door telling us to repent or we will be cast down into eternal fire.
Climate change threat is a quasi religious cult and having stood up all my life to people who say, “I bring the word of God, you have to believe me,” I’m not going to react any differently to someone who says I am a scientist, you must believe me.”
The renaissance education, the system I was lucky enough to be taught under, teaches us to question everything and when I questioned climate science I found it to be fraudulent.

Incoming solar radiation is absorbed by Ozone, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and water vapor, this much science is actually settled and can be demonstrated by experiment, with no computer modelling involved. The Wikipedia article on Atmospheric Absorption offers linked posts on greenhouse gases, and particularly the 70% GHG warming which comes from from water vapor. Ozone in the high atmosphere absorbs tissuedamaging UV light in the 200 to 360 nanometer and the 450 to 750 nm ranges. Ozone has a half life of only 30 minutes and is constantly destroyed and replaced by natural processes. Ground level ozone has proven effective in absorbing UV that thin layers in the atmosphere did not absorb.
Oxygen absorbs energy in the 50 to 242 nm range. Carbon Dioxide absorbs in the 1400, 1600 and 2000 nm range, but with low Infrared emission, based on its low temperature range, the Earth only emits energy in ONE CO2 absorption range. The CO2 molecule is linear, with central Carbon atom and one Oxygen atom, exactly opposite each other. With this molecule structure, CO2 has only one vibrational mode, and absorption results in a billionth of a second vibration, followed by an emission, which due to the Laws of Energy Conservation, MUST be lower energy and longer wavelength. The now excited CO2 molecule then releases this excess energy to the adjoining 79% atmospheric Nitrogen and 19% atmospheric Oxygen. This energy is then removed from the lower atmosphere to the upper by convective currents and does NOT travel down to the Earth.

Now that’s science. Not my original work I have to confess, but explained to me by a physicist who works in nuclear research. I’ll take his natural science over your politicised science any day.
It was very unwise to equate a purely scientific issue like climate with a purely political one like civil rights.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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