Oh dear, you seem to have missed completely every point I made. What does it matter what a person’s sexual preference is, the point, your point, was we are rather more than our sexual preferences. I merely responded by saying that does not apply only to gays. In my view fetishists deserve equal rights with gays. The LGBT community do not have a monopoly on sexual preferences.
And do you actually have a clue what the ‘amory’ part of polyamory means? I have not really loved and of my extra mural interests, nor they me. Lust yes. Come to think of it, we Anglophones are rather poorly provided for when it comes to words describing love. The Greeks had about nine. For the sake of consitency we should dump the amory, which is from latin, and to poly (many) attach eroa (from Eros) to make polyeroa (sexual love), whereas the love between my wife and I is, and there are different schools of though on this, agape or selfless love (e.g. love of family or the people we would take a bullet for …) while caritas is love of humanity. Others might say caritas is love of the community and agape is love of god , the highest love , but my family are not believers. In my old school however love of God was theophilia.

“ If you think that the author wants to be introduced by her sexuality or otherwise have it announced,”
But what I wrote indicated I think the opposite of that, nobody should be reduced to a sexual identity. We are all, including the cat rubber, so much more than that.

As for the response when I was first introduced to my Catholic girlfriend’s family all those years ago, was, “Are you Jewish?” And it wasn’t nonchalant. It was a bit like that old Joan Rivers joke, “Why him, couldn’t you have found a schwartzer or something?”
(BTW No, I’m part Indian, although I think where Grandma Thorpe was born was placed in Pakistan after partition.)

So what my comment set out to suggest is that the Gay community have made so much fuss about their sexual identity, the impression gained by many liberals was it is something that ought to be celebrated and mentioned at every opportunity. I disagree, indifference should be an acceptable response, only hostility is wrong.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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