No Umair, it is not genocide and you insult your readers by suggesting they do not know what genocide is. You then compound that insult by citing a pisds poor definition of genocide used by the United Nations, an organisation that has in recent years turned a blind eye to real genocides, of Yazidi by US and NATO backed terrorist groups in northern Iraq and Iran, of Jews and Syriac Christians by US and NATO sponsored terrorist groups in Syria, and also by a Saudi Arabian led Sunni Muslim alliance supported by US and NATO in Yemen.

When undocumented travellers arrive at the borders of the USA or European nations, those nations they are trying to enter have no obligation to feed clothe and shelter them. They could legally be turned away and left to starve, or simply be shot as they tried to cross the border but civilized nations prefer a more humanitarian approach. They are not, by any accepted definition, refugees or asylum seekers but are economic migrants.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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