My view may be somewhat jaundiced by the level of irritation resulting from all those intrusive, huge and rather pointless black panels, (there are far better way of presenting section headings,) but overall I found this piece had the burbling, enthusiastic tone of something written by a technology geek, rather than the objectivity and balance one would expect from a true technologist, someone aware of the scientific and ethical limitations of technology.
Enthusiasm about how Artificial Intelligence will make all our lives better always amuses me. Forty seven years ago, when I took my first job as a trainee programmer / operator the geeks in industry publications were highly excited about Artificial Intelligence, which they claimed was ‘just around the corner.’
In five years, they confidently predicted, computers will be able to think like humans and soon after that they will surpass us in Intelligence.
Nearly half a century on AI is still just around that same corner. We cannot write the software that will enable computers to think because we still do not understand how our minds form ideas, opinions or questions, or how they they translate those thoughts into language so we can communicate them to others.
And as for pipedreams about technology leading to greater equality in the world, I don’t see how the destruction of jobs by technology is helping the working classes, and I don’t see how the obscene wealth being accumulated by the likes of Gates, Bezos, Page and Brin, Zuckerberg or Musk is helping towards narrowing the wealth gap. It seems to me technology is creating new elites who are even more segregated by wealth and privilege from the masses than the old aristocracies.
Having said that I have five computers, all regularly used, and love playing with my drones, racing radio controlled cars against my grandson and after years of suffering from living in a poor reception area for terrestrial TV I enjoy watching an internet enabled TV which of course now has all potential surveillance gadgets disabled — I didn’t work with this technology all those years without learning a thing or two.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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