Mrs Schrodinger never forgave her husband for putting her cat in that box. The poor cat, frightened by the ticking of the geiger counter, peed on the poison which reacted with the uric acid by exploding, thus burning the creature's back end. The cat spent the rest of it's life trying to run away from its own arse which deprived Frau Schroedinger of her cuddly pet.

The Trump narrative has been fascinating to watch; it's true that his campaign schtick of being the guy who spoke for ordinary Americans should never have fooled anybody, billionaires do not care about low income people, the two groups live in different universes. Equally The Democrats have fooled nobody with their faux outrage at everything Trump related, but have proved themselves not only dishonest in the anti - Trump narrative they've constructed but totally inept in their failed efforts to bring him down.

A more interesting unravellin narrative right now is the COVID - 19 fear and panic campaign as enough people are starting to wake up to the fact that we've been had. As some of us (the "conspiracy theorists," have been saying from back in February, to no avail; that the Wuhan virus did not pose a great risk to the vast majority of us. Demographically it is a disease of the old and people with established health problems. Now that the real figures are filtering out, this concentration of deaths in those demographic groups is astounding.

As for the rest of the population, I read yesterday that the incidence of the disease, at 0.25% of the population, does even qualify as an epidemic, which in the UK requires an infection rate of 0.4%.

Looking further today I found that while no official figures are available online for the whole USA, for those states that have release data figures are similar to the UK and other west European nations.

This suggests that, as us "conspiracy theorists" warned, the whole crisis has been manufactured, with both the infection rate and fatality rate of COvID - 19 vastly exaggerated in order to divrt attention from other things that were happening.

Clearly there was a rather nasty virus of dubious origin spread out of China, but had the authorities been honest, the old - particularly those with long term health problems, and younger people with certain conditions could have been protected at a fraction of the economic anf human cost of lockdowns.

What I find unpalatable is the way some who describe themselves as "the left" are rejoicing at the economic damage caused by this fake crisis. It is the poor and vulnerable who will be hurt. A minimum wage job might not seem much to lose but when it is the difference between enough to eat and hunger, is it fair to condemn thousands of people to hunger for the say of advancing a political agenda?

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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