More self obsessed, self pitying gobshite from a millenial who might think he’s ‘liberal’ but only because he hasn’t a clue what liberal really means.
Oh and on the subject of meanings, why were you so hurt by a comments as stupid as: “You DO realize your last name means MONKEY right??”
You could have replied, “No my name does not mean monkey my name is SIMIEN and not SIMIAN, which means ape-like,” thus howing yourself to be a much wittier and more tolerant person than the commenter.
As far as I am aware you name does not mean anything although it may be a corruption of Simeon, which means one who hears or listens. You should take that on board and try listening to things other than your own voice. I hate this ‘white people / black people’ business as if we can all be defined so easily. Diversity is far more complex than differing skin tones. In fact there are no white people and no black people, we are all differing shades of brown, ranging from pale beige to ebony.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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