More importantly, few world leaders have expressed such adroitness with this sea change than Macron has.
But as all literate people in Europe, and I suspect, more than a few in the USA, know, Macron is not only an idiot, but politically a drowning man whose only hope is to clutch at straws.
I have always argued that there is no such thing as Artificial Intelligence, computers still work by matching strings of data, as they did when I started work as a trainee programmer over fifty years ago, they just do it much more quickly now. Programmers can therefore build into the software more complex decision tables and more data can be stored and parsed.
As things stand nobody really has a clue how human intelligence works although recent research suggests it is as much to do with emotions and instinct as logic and information. For these reasons I do not fear AI as some do.

As you say Azeem, it is foolish of politicians to talk of an AI race as if they would turn it into a modern equivalent of the space race. It never will be, although politicians are gullible and the ability of Silicon Valley fantasists to oversell their latest ideas holds out the prospects of us taxpayers having to fund some very expensive disasters in the service of ‘balls out’ politics.

I also suspect Silicon Valley will lose influence, and progress (real progress rather than gimmicks,) in digital technology will be driven in far more diverse centres. My reason for this is the lack of ethical awareness shown by many of the most successful high tech startups based in California has destroyed trust in what comes out of that environment, and too many companies are now known to have unhealthily close relationships with the CIA and other unfriendly agencies.

It is also to be expected that in future tech startup IPOs will be priced and traded more realistically and cautiously. The second tech bubble has happened because people did not learn from the first. This one will burst when Tesla collapses. I hope there will not be a third, but that we will proceed more intelligently, building machines that will serve us, rather that giving money to some sociopath who claims he can build machines that will be our masters.

Opted for comfortable retirement before I was fifty due to health problems and burn out. Now spend my time writing and goofing around. Home: northern England..

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