Merkel Reveals Real EU Plan For Europe

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Emmanuel Macron with Chancellor Merkel — he like them old (source: )

In an unprecedented fit of honesty about the true aims of the European Union, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and France’s President Macron have revealed that in the interests of future peace and prosperity, EU member states should be happy to give the bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels more power over their laws, economic and social policies, not less as many member states are currently demanding. For that, concessions were necessary — “in an orderly procedure”, a joint communique stated.

In particular, the French President Emmanuel Macron should like this statement as he has been running around screaming about the need for ‘a proper EU army,” can’t think of anything more likely to provoke the Russians myself but little Emmanuel, who on being declared winner of France’s presidential election said he planned to rule in the style of a Roman Emperor, wanting an army to play with should concern us far more than alleged Russian cyber attacks or North korean milliles..

German Chancellor, Hausfrau — Volksfuhrer Angela Merkel has campaigned over many years for the transfer of national sovereignties to the European Union and in return for her sinister efforts to unite Europe under a single flag, (ein volk, ein reich, ein fuhrer?) has seen the EU membership become more divided and more mistrustful about German economic power and how thaty may be abused. “Nation-states must today — should today, I say — be ready to give sovereignty,” said the outgoing CDU leader on Wednesday at an event organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation on “Parliamentarism between globalisation and national sovereignty” in Berlin.

“But of course in an orderly procedure,” Merkel continued, neatly skipping over her Freudian slip. Unfortunately nobody had missed it, she might as well have said, “Ve haff vays of making you obey.”

She added, “The states must always be responsible for such contracts, first the respective national parliament would have to make the decision. Which must be just about the most meaningless of all meaningless statements ever uttered by a duplicitous, deceitful, power addicted politician trying to conceal from voters the fact that they are up to no good. The case is under current plans for tighter political integration the state parliaments will exist simply to rubber stamp the Brussels diktat.

Merkel has previously warned against nationalism in the Bundestag in view of the controversial UN migration pact. “Either you are one of those who believe they can solve everything on their own and only have to think about themselves. That is nationalism in its purest form. This is not patriotism. Because patriotism is, if you include others in the German interests and win-win situations are accepted.”

She could more honestly have said, “Either you are one of those who believe they can solve everything on their own and only have to think about themselves or one like Germany that talks about cooperation while sneakily trying to undermine partners and establish economic hegemony by stealth.

French President Emmanuel Macron demanded more Europe on Sunday at a guest speech in the Bundestag and also a speedier handover of national sovereignty. Every country must share decision-making power, and decide together with other states on its foreign policy, its immigration and development policy, he said, failing to mention that Germany and the cheese eating surrender monkeys of France would share the decision making and everybody else would have the right to agree.

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