Mass Arrests In Paris As “Gilets Jaunes” Protests Go Into Third Week, Spread To Belgium

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Gilets Jaunes protestors, identifiable by their yellow vests, trash cars and vandalise property in Paris

As the violent protests of the so — called Gilets Jaunes (Yellow vests,) which have spread to most major cities in France, with protestors angry at the policies of elitist president Emmanuel Macron, which they claim ignore the interests of the working and middle classes and favour the elites and the globali

st corporations who support the move towards a federasl European superstate.

French police had to use tear gas and water cannon after thousands of “yellow vest” activists marched into the Champs Élysées today for a third weekend of protests against Macron, who after his election vowed he would rule in the manner a Roman God, and his meritocratic government. Over 122 arrests have been made in Paris and many more in yellow vest protests elsewhere in France.

Chanting “On the way to Macron’s resignation,” the protesters were hit with tear gas and high presure water jests as riot police struggled to contain Saturday’s violence, which saw cars set on fire, paint thrown on officers, and several injuries. Protesters attempted to breach barricades blocking the path to the presidential palace on Saturday morning; “lighting fires, throwing rocks and spraying police officers with vivid yellow paint.

Video of Gilets Jaunes protest in France (RT)

Originally formed to protest rising fuel prices, the “yellow vest” protesters have evolved into a wider demonstration against President Emmanuel Macron’s government and European Union policies such as federalisation and ‘open borders’ uncontrolled immigration in recent weeks. After French interior minister Christophe Castaner somewhat lamely tried to blame the “far right” for the protests, the interior ministry has now said the participants are “extreme-right and far-left demonstrators,” according to The Guardian. They are completely in denial of course, the protests are a gress roots uprising against a government of Paris — centric bureaucrats and a president totally out of touch with the concerns of French people

Some commentators around Europe are speculating that after years of political establishments ignoring the weight of public opinion building against the increasingly authoritarian policies of the European Union, this wave of protests might herald the beninning of a mass anti — EU movement that could spread across Europe and force the EU to abandon grandiose plans to force member states to cede sovereignty to Brussels as the bureaucrats create a federal superstate dominated by Germany and France.

If they ever thought the Poles, Italians, Austrians, Dutch, Spanish and other nations were going to agree to that, the federalists are beyond stupid, they are insane.

The gilets jaunes protests are currently posing the most dangerous to date challenge to Emmanuel Macron’s leadership. Hundreds of thousands of protesters have barricaded roads and blockaded toll-booths and fuel depots across France over the past two weeks, complaining that Macron’s pro-business tax policy was unfair and that people on low-income jobs could not make ends meet.

Motorists initially demonstrated against a fuel tax increase two weeks ago, but the protesters, who have no leader and have largely organised themselves online, now have much broader demands and further actions have followed. — The Guardian

Unsubstantiated claims that “more radical groups” have infiltrated the grassroots movement have been circulated by government supporters and reported in pro — EU mainstream media, while Interior Minister Castaner tweeted that “1,500 troublemakers” had overtaken what started out as “200 peaceful demonstrators.” The replies to his tweet suggest people aren’t buying it. The French know this is not far left or far right splinter groups, but the people of France letting the delusional M. Macron know they will not sacrifice their lifestyles to his dream of a politically integrated Europe.

Meanwhile the protests have spread to Brussels, Belgium where Yellow Vest activists burned police vans after the police fired a water cannon at the crowd. Protesters in Belgian cities and towns burned police vans after officers fired water cannon to disperse violent members of the “yellow vest” movement which spilled over from France.

(UPDATE: Immediately prior to posting this story on Medium I heard the first “Yellowe vests” protests in The Netherlands toopk place earlier today.)

Inflation is hitting people hard in Europe and this is going to spread fast. It has nothing to do with oil or immigration but with taxation in general plus the fact that in 2008 the average salary stopped growing while costs went up about 5 to 10% a year and now people just can’t manage anymore. These are the real reasons many people in Britain voted in the 2016 referendum to leave the EU. Since that vote the UK’s political elites have been desperately trying to thwart the democratically expressed will of the people. If tyhey succeed what is now happening in France and Belgium (and less violently in Germany,) will happen in Britain

The average rent of a small appartment in Brussels and Paris is €1200 euro’s a month, fuel cost is about €3 to 400 a month, food costs are about €4 to 500 a month. And when you know the average salary is around €2,200 a month after tax, many people are finding they need to take on a second job, not for luxury but because they can’t get by. In London housing costs are even higher though fuel tends to be a little less expensive and earnings slightly higher.

Young people are also getting upset against retered people because theis pensions are often higher then what they make in a month and wherever you go, it’s the older people who profit and you rarely see younger people.

And it’s going to get worse! Predicted price increases on food, clothing nd fuel this year could be as high as 20% and none of them will be able to carry that even with a second job. They’ve got nothing to lose and nothing to look at in the future.

And our governments are broke. Beyond broke, bankrupt! And bankrupt of ideas about how to beging unravelling this mess. (They could start by admitting that for the past fifty years they have been on entirely the wrong track, but anyone who thinks that might happen is terminally naive.

If this movement can gain momentum across the continent it could explode and spell the end of Cultural Marxist globalism.

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